Saturday, January 23, 2010

Salon de Ning (Revisited II)

I felt like I have neglected this place for a while, not only the place, the music but also the drinks as well. After a tough day of work, sometimes I just need to chill for a bit over few glasses of single malt whisky, wines or cocktails. Well, sometimes desserts would do the trick as well. Their cocktail list is not the most extensive in Hong Kong and not the most outstanding in my humble opinion; but I do find a few that I personally enjoyed very much. One of them was the tomato juice based Sexy Doll cocktail I tried on my previous visit.

In addition to my usual favorite "Sexy Doll" cocktail, I also enjoy the element of surprised from their daily cocktail special named Ning's Mind. The delightful surprise tonight was a pineapple juice based drink with vodka if I am correct. It was very nice an refreshing indeed! Not sure if they have it every night but I would definite ask them for it to make it if possible!!!!

I mentioned many times that I enjoy the music from this place very much but I found them rather loud in volume. Even after many feedback to their management, the volume of the music seems to remain the same. Perhaps it was the environment / decor (low ceiling) that amplified the music. In any case, the place remains to be one of my favorite chill out places. (perhaps the Lobsters Bar @ the Island Shangri-la is a close second because of its band and not their drinks or services! - to be reviewed soon)

  • excellent services!
  • the element of surprise from their daily cocktail
  • the music volume remains to be loud through the night ...
Salon de Ning
UG, The Peninsula Hong Kong,
19-21 Salisbury Road, TST
Tel: 2315 3355

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Greentea00 said...

hi jason..yea..i like the environment and their wine list only except the volume of the music could tune down a bit will be great...
have u try the Crown Hotel in cwb ? not bad actually but it is always packed on fri sat..

Jason said...

@Greentea00: Oh the Crown Hotel is not officially opened? ooops ... I better go check it out, thanks for the suggestion!! ^^

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