Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sushi U

I love sushi and I often pick the sushi bar to sit because I wanted to observe how the sushi chef skillfully prepare my sushi. Well, at least that was my initial intention for coming to Sushi U @ LKF for lunch. (I sound disappointed? Oh yes, I am very disappointed.) I have been hearing a lot of different comments on this place so I decided to give it a try.

I was pretty excited when I first sat down at the sushi bar right in front of the sushi chefs but my excitement did not last long. I felt like a kid with his lollipop stolen and the lollipop was my excitement and anticipation. Apparently, perhaps it was busy lunch hours, many of the sushi were pre-prepared! You see the little tin container in the picture? Many of the sushi pieces were FRESHLY selected from the tin container. Unless you order hot food, you will be one of the lucky ones to have enjoyed some of these FRESHLY selected sushi from the TIN CONTAINER! Honestly, I understand how busy it can be during lunch hours, but PLEASE DO NOT LET ME SEE WITH MY OWN EYES!!! (It took me a few attempts to take this picture! – will I be banned from this place from now on … haha)

One more thing I find very interesting is the design of the sushi bar. Why would the sushi fridge’s doors be facing the customers? Through out the meal some of the fridge doors remained open. What if I were having a serious allergy day and continue to sneeze during the meal? I serious don’t want to imagine that scenario!

(1) Sashimi Set
My friend ordered this set and it looked very nice. Of course even for some sashimi pieces, some were pre-cut but the presentation was pretty nice.

(2) Special Daily Bento
I like surprises so I ordered this special daily Bento which has no description on the menu as to the items included. I was indeed surprised to find how ordinary the items were in my humble opinion. The sushi pieces were chef selected, two of which were FRESHLY selected from the TIN CONTAINER. Although the quality of the fish was fair but the TIN CONTAINER issue really made a negative impression on me. The fried item was something like crab cakes to me but the inside were softer like mashed (instead of minced) crab meat. Very interesting item which I enjoyed. Sashimi was alright but for a lunch box costing over HKD 250, why would they skillful select salmon? The Chawanmushi was alright, not the custard type but it was in room temperature meaning it was not directly form the steamer. I seriously think the side dishes were more tasty and of course more appetizing, especially the eggplant .

At the end of the meal while my friend and I were having a cup of coffee and ice cream, we were presented with the bill. WHEN DID I ASK FOR THE BILL? I don’t think I am at the age I would forget about asking for the bill! While presenting the bill, the waitress mentioned that there were many customers waiting. Why would that concern me? I am spending well over HKD 250 per person for a lunch and I could not even enjoy my coffee? At least ask me nicely first instead of passing me the bill out of nowhere! The most funny thing happened soon after I signed the bill. While trying to finish up my cup of coffee, the store manager (I assumed he is) came over and asked us if we were done. I looked over my shoulder and he was in a “begging” gesture with his two hands put together, informing us very nicely that many customers were still waiting outside and how sorry he felt. Blah, blah blah and BLAH!!!

  • Japanese crab cakes
  • Side dishes - all the side dishes were yummy, especially the eggplant!
  • Service during the meal was good but not at the end!
  • Being rushed off, twice !
  • Pre-prepared sushi in tin container ! (I understand it was busy lunch hour but please don't let customers see it right at the open sushi table)
Avg Spending: HKD 200 - 300 per person

Sushi U
3/F Century Square,
1-13 D'Aguilar Street, Central
Tel: 2537 9393


KK said...

Really enjoy reading your blog. I no longer live in Hong Kong but 9 years ago a friend and I met up for lunch at some Japanese restaurant in LKF and the quality was sub-par.

Unless you are paying top dollar for a place like Qubey (the HK branch), or ordering nigiri sushi a la carte (or omakase, leave it up to the chef), it sounds like this place will continue to do pre-made nigiri. This is horrible though...some places in the US use pre-sliced fish, but I've never seen or heard pre-made nigiri sushi until now! Best not to support a place like this anymore.

Jason said...

@KK: Thanks for your support! The pre-made nigiri sushi is one thing, the part in rushing me off really annoyed me! I mean this is not a wonton noodles place at hawker center! sigh ...

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