Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Cocofrans @ TST MTR

Recent renovation at the TST MTR station has added a few new food outlets, right opposite from the ticketing machines and the Hang Seng ATMs. This AREA is a common meeting point (or any Hang Seng ATM at ALL MTR stations for that matter!) and a GREAT location for food and beverages businesses due to heavy pedestrian traffic plus countless "idle" pedestrians waiting for friends. I was waiting for my cousin who was stuck in traffic due to the closure of streets from the heavy rain all day long. I can imagine how frustrated he must have been sitting in the taxi, an idle taxi! I waited for about 45 mins, I wandered around this area for 45 mins, I observed the business traffic of this new quick snack outlet named Cocofrans for 45 mins, I debated with myself for 45 mins on whether I should purchase one to try and at the end I lost to my foodie temptation!!!

I still don't quite understand the power of such snacks because even for those who were in a rush (literally jogging towards the exit), I saw with my own eyes that they would make a sudden stop and take a peek at the offerings. Some would resume their rush while many would buy one and continue their rush. Amazing indeed. (the same scenario applies to the newly opened Mrs. Fields Cookies nearby)

Based on the famous paper figure standing near the store front, it is somehow related to the Beard Papa's franchise, well known for its cream puffs. While it belongs to the Beard Papa's franchise, according to its website, Cocofrans only has a few special items under its unique brand but what are being offered here at this outlet seem to be crossing or mixing with the traditional Beard Papa's offerings which include special custard puffs along with the new and improved type of Beard's cream puffs. My temptation did not make me order any custard or puff items but instead I ordered the canelé. (I think they spell it different on the menu ... humm ... maybe "Canelle" but it means Cinnamon in French ... humm ... have to double check on that one).

(added 19 September 2009: just checked and it was spelled Cannele at the shop, a alternative spelling I guess)

(1) Canelé
This item was on one of the main overhead boards which I assumed is a signature item. (the fact that each Canelé was wrapped with pretty paper ribbon made it very special as well, so it seems) However, from my 45 mins of wandering around this store, the popular items were the custard and cream puffs. A traditional canelé should have a soft custard-like center and a caramelized outer layer, if I remember correctly. While the caramelized layer was there, for some reasons, I don't think the center was soft or custard-like, it was evenly firm throughout. Maybe a fusion version? or was it because it was chilled in the fridge for too long?

  • Good service actually, very welcoming
  • Open-window / workshop style
  • Canelé - a bit over chilled and the center was not soft and custard-like
Avg Spending: Below HKD 100 per person


MTR Station, TST

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