Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Enoteca on Elgin

Typhoon Signal No. 3 (T3) has been hoisted or more accurately, just been lowered from T8 a few hours ago. I was sitting right in front of the TV at home all morning, waiting for updates on the typhoon signal. I arrived back to work 45 mins after the signal was lowered. If you ask me, I think the lowering of Typhoon Signal from T8 during the working hours (especially in the morning) is worst than not have any typhoon at all! One basically had to wake up earlier than usual to check the news / radio and go back to sleep and wake up soon after again to check for updates again. The constant checks consume more energy than usual in my opinion. As a reward for the energy consuming exercise in the morning, lunch on this day must be something relaxing, refreshing and hopefully re-energizing.

Among the restaurants on this street, Enoteca on Elgin is one of the few that has a large open patio front and with the light breeze, it was a good choice to sit close to the street while enjoying a refreshing lunch. The atmosphere of this place is very causal and cozy, together with the Stucco wall finishes, it does give out a kind of Mediterranean feel to the it. Soon after we ordered, the basket of bread arrived. Both the grilled French bread and the bread sticks were heavy rosemary flavors which I like but they were too dry. The bread sticks were not just dry but overly crunchy that when you try to break it into two, it would end up being crushed into small pieces.

(1) Roasted Beetroot with Rocket & Goats Cheese
I love beetroot and the combination with Rocket and Goat Cheese was very nice indeed. However, the beetroot was not really roasted as shown in the menu and the goat cheese was not the strong flavor type but it was fine with me. The dressing was vinegar based and it was pretty refreshing.

(2) Caesar Salad of Romaine Hearts, Crisp Bacon & Anchovy
The salad was heavy on the anchovy but surprisingly not overly rich in flavor. It was salty in general but in a very delicious way. The disappointing part of the salad was the romaine which was not crisp enough, slightly soggy. O well, the crispiness of the bacon made up for it.

(3) Pan-fried Salmon Steak with Coriander Couscous
It was a pretty generous offering with such a large piece of salmon. However, it was a bit dry to my liking. It has been a long while since I last had couscous and I actually enjoyed it although it was rather tasteless.

(4) Thin Crust Salami Pizza with Oregano

First of all, more rockets would be nice! Served on a wooden stand, the pizza was a delight. The crust was thin and crisp as described and I really liked the fact that not too much tomato sauce was used, just the right amount so flavors of other ingredients can be tasted. Thumbs up!

(5) Mango Cheesecake & Creamy Chocolate Mousse
No surprises on the Mango Cheesecake but the creamy chocolate mousse was a wonderful surprise to end the meal. It was rich in flavor and the texture was very mushy and light which put a little smile on my face.

  • Wonderful services
  • Decor and atmosphere
  • Thin Crust Salami Pizza with Oregano - the sufficient use of tomato sauce made the taste very well-balanced.
  • (it has a pretty good website in my opinion - http://www.enoteca.hk/)
  • Salmon a bit too dry
  • The grilled French bread and bread sticks were a bit too dry as well.

Avg Spending: HKD 100 - 200 per person

Enoteca on Elgin
G/F, 47 Elgin Street
Soho, Hong Kong
Tel: 852 25259944

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Lola said...

Ha ha! I agree entirely on the Typhoon subject... I usually end up working harder as I feel like I need to be online checking mails ever 5 minutes to prove I'm still working!

Tapas in enoteca are good.. always good for late lunch on Sundays if you've had a late night out.

Jason said...

yeah, sometimes I just tell myself I might as well go to work as normal to avoid all the unnecessary troubles.

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