Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Kubrick Cafe

Yau Ma Tei is not an area I frequent but it is an area I am yet to explore and I am here on this day for a movie a movie. With over 30 mins to go before the movie starts, my friend and I were thinking of finding a place to chill. Being unfamiliar with this neighborhood, McDonald was our initial idea but within 10 steps out of the ticket booth, we found ourselves delightfully surprised. The Kubrick Cafe is not just a cafe but a bookstore with a cafe. This kind of establishment is not very common in Hong Kong and I was fairly surprised. The bookstore is not that of mainstream, mass-market commercial type but more focused in the categories of Film, History, Cultures, Humanities and Travel.

The cafe offers various types of coffee as well as all day breakfast. The cafe occupies only a small part of portion of the establishment leaving much room for books and its music section.

I ordered a cappuccino but it was too watery and the foam was rather plain in taste as well. I guess it was not the quality of the coffee that mattered most to me at that particular moment, it was the fact that when I close my eyes, all I can hear from the surroundings were not normal chit-chat about local entertainment headlines but about films, film directors and Hong Kong cultural landscape! That was something unexpected, at least to me; it was a nice change of atmosphere indeed. Although there is much room for improvement for their coffee (and the comfortableness of their seats), I might just come back someday to check out their selection of books and musics.

  • great location to chill before a movie
  • not so common bookstore + cafe establishment in Hong Kong (many others i know are either very far or they are upstairs establishment I think)
  • Much to improve coffee - too watery for mine
  • Can be quite noisy
Avg Spending: Below HKD 100 per person

kubrick cafe
H2 Chun Fat Garden, Yau Ma Tei
Tel: 852 2384 8929

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