Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Cova Caffè

When being asked where to go for a nice and relax Sunday afternoon tea in the TST area, the two places that come to my mind immediately are Cova or Niji. Cova was our choice because it was the first shop we passed by. The decor and atmosphere was of the usual simple elegance but during weekends afternoon tea session, the place seemed more causal and lively due to the larger than usual crowds that come here for its afternoon tea buffet. During the non-buffet time period, the place was rather peaceful and somewhat exclusive. I personally prefer the non-buffet session for its atmosphere.

When we arrived, the tea buffet session was over. We were fine with that because we did not intend to have that anyhow, we just wanted to find a place to sit and relax over a cup of coffee and a cake maybe. To our surprise, on a Sunday, no cake set was available, we have to order drinks and cakes separately! Interesting indeed. Instead of ordering cakes, we order other items to share.

(1) Banana Milk shake
The flavor was rich but the shake was not thick and creamy enough. An extra minute of blending would be nice because there remained traces of ice in the drink. Suddenly want milk shake from Triple-O!

(2) Finger Sandwich
The presentation was rather carefree in my opinion. It came with smoked salmon, celery, avocado, cucumbers and prawns. However, by the way it was cut, it was hard to share because each "finger" contained a separate set of ingredients. The smoked salmon section of the sandwich was good but the prawn + cucumber one seemed a be plain in taste because no dressing or sauce was used. I think I should have ordered a cake instead for my little tea break.

  • Milk shake - Rich in banana flavor
  • Environment - simple elegance (a bit overcrowded nowadays)
  • Milk Shake - not creamy and thick enough
  • no dressing or sauce for the prawn section of the finger sandwich
Avg Spending: HKD 100 - 200 per person

Cova Caffè
G220 Harbour City,
17 Canton Road, TST
Tel: 29073882

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