Sunday, June 2, 2013

Intimate Moments with Clarisonic Plus

Who said guys do not care about personal grooming!?! If you ask me, all guys do just the fact that not many are willing to admit so. I am here to admit that I am more than just a fan of personal grooming, I am quite anal about it as well. Believe it of now, I have 2 shelves full of various hair, skin and facial / body cleansing products for different occasions and weather. I am currently hooked onto "bliss" line of product including their "blood orange+white pepper soapy suds," "blood orange+white pepper body butter" and  "blood orange+white pepper hand cream." I am also trying out Korres Natural Products and their line of shower products as well. Never heard of it? It's from Greece and I bought it from ASOS. Yes, I am that serious about my grooming products and continuously trying out new brands for the sake of better skins.

I may not speak on behalf of all men but I am quite certain that most guys care about their personal grooming and hope to have better skins as well just that as men, we are quite lazy and simply want results and want them fast without getting into the technically jarons / know-how such as oily T-sector or how come my skin always have excess oil. Just show us how to get rid of them and we will do it!

What triggered me in writing about personal grooming after so many years as a blogger is the popular Clarisonic Plus, the sonic skin Cleansing device for face and body. I am very lucky to have the chance to try out this Clarisonic Plus as a courtesy from and Clarisonic HK. I have used similar cleansing device before such as Olay Pro X and Hada Crie  (borrowed from gf to try) as shown below. However, the former brush was too rough for my delicate skin and the latter simply took too long to complete the entire session, a 15 whole minutes. True that the header is for deep-level facial cleansing but 15 mins is just too longer, way too long! Forget it!

As a mention, simplicity is a key for men's grooming and Clarisonic Plus seems to be able to fit that requirement. It claims to be simple, fast and convenient because by default it cleanses for a combined 1 minute in total for your forehead, both cheeks and nose as well. Also it is waterproof so can do all that facial cleansing in the shower as well as the body cleansing which takes 3 minutes max with the body brush. Of course you can change the speed of the device and duration of the cleansing but for me the default setting works just fine, cannot be bothered to adjust to be honest.

The device is often associated with makeup removal / cleansing but for guys, that may not apply 90% of the time. I wanted to give it a try not because I have make up that requires removal or cleansing but more interested in how it can reduce excess facial oil. My habit of twice daily face washing / scrubbing  does not seem to be doing much help in reducing or minimize the excess facial oil during the humid summer days. Clarisonic Plus claims to be able to reduce oily areas and clears pores as well as many other benefits such as help better absorb skin care products and reduces the appearances of wrinkles but it is yet to be seen in the course of the next few weeks when I am going to try it out.

First impression of the device is that it is larger than its competitors but for me it is quite alright, perhaps because I have big hands. Size does matter and the bigger the easier to handle in my opinion even for girls.

The original package comes with several cleansing gel for different skin types but you can use your own as long as it will foam up to a certain degree.

Simply put a small drop of cleansing gel onto the damped brush and let the sonic motion take over as instructed. 10 secs on the left cheek, 10 secs on the right, 20 secs on the forehead and 20 secs on the nose & chin. Done! Audible alerts notify me for each of the 20 secs interval. The immediate difference I find between similar devices is the softness or gentleness of the brushes. I can actually continue to watch TV while cleansing my face but then again, for 1 minute in total, I am not going to miss much am I? After use, I simply clean it through with water. I took the brush out because it would be easier to dry but I can imagine if I am living in London, the dryness of climate would dry it without the need to disassemble it.

As mentioned, it comes with a body brush as well. What I like about the body function is the fact that they come with an extender!!! Yeah! Attach to it and I can reach parts of my back which I cannot without the extender!! The default setting for body is 3 mins and once you switched the brush the device will auto detect that as well according to the instruction  I am yet to try it and I will share that experience next time. No pictures sorry because I will be in the shower!!! 

So what do I think about the Clarisonic so far after using it for the first time? So far everything seems to be positive but will need more time to test out the result of course. Would my occasional excess facial oil be reduced over a period of regular uses? Stay tuned and you shall find out! I do like how I only need to use it for a combined one minute to cleanse all the necessary parts of my face with just one single button. True that it is bigger than I expected but the fact that it is waterproof and rechargeable battery can last up to or around 8 days or use can offset the relatively bulky dimensions I suppose. 


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