Monday, June 10, 2013

Clarisonic Plus - A Promising Two Weeks Affair

After using the Clarisonic Plus for about 2 weeks, I have to admit I am fairly impressed with the results, so far at least. As mentioned, my main concerns have been excess facial oil during the summer humid days and the built up of dirt / dust particles resulting in unwanted pimples. Daily facial cleansing has been part of my grooming routines but needless to say I wanted to try something different perhaps. Clarisonice has been on the market for quite some time but I just didn’t have the chance try it until now given the opportunities. During the course of the past 2 weeks trial (or affair), I used one of my favourite bliss’ fabulous foaming face wash together with the Clarisonic Plus and they worked well as a combination for me and my gentle skin. Of course you can use your own cleansing products but make sure it foams in order to get the best results. For some reasons I found it quite fun perhaps because I am a guy and I like to play with all sort of gadgets for fun or in this case for my personal grommig. 

There are several points worth noting after a week of daily usage of the Clarisonic Plus: 1) do not press too hard against the cheek / face because it can get overly dry and 2) follow the recommended cleansing cycle length. Obviously I overlooked the above 2 points and result with very dry skin the day after. Also, there is not need to use any grainy exfoliating cleansers with the Clarisonic Plus because the main idea of the device is to help you do that, any cleansing products which foam up would work just fine in my opinion.

How can it cleanse if you just let it gently work against your skin you may ask? To answer that it is hard not to compare with the OLAY Pro-X which I used before. Aside from the fact that the Clarisonic Plus brush is softer and gentler to the skin, an important difference between the 2 is the way it works. Instead of circular motions, the Clarisonic Plus uses its patented sonic frequency of more than 300 movements per seconds to cleanse your skin. Imagine vibrations at sonic frequency to bring out the dirt / dust particles underneath. One of the key benefits of such is how it would minimize the friction and pulling effects of similar devices that employs the circular movements. 

As a guy, in order to maximize the benefits of the cleansing using Clarisonic Plus, I would highly recommend doing a basic shave prior to using it to increase the effectiveness of the cleansing. Yes it is a little more work and prep but for the sake of better skin, I say why not!

To be honest, it is quite difficult to visually see a huge difference comparing with a before and after image of my skin in terms of so-called increased skin smoothness and/or “glow and radiance” as many female users would like to describe the results because the complexion of guy’s skin is fundamentally different. 

What guys aim for with the help of Clarisonic Plus may not be for better glow and radiance for the skin but for a lack of a better word, matte-tifying skin. Simply put, the reduction of excess facial oil. After about a week of using the device, I did find less of an excess facial built up during the day and closer to the end of the 2 weeks period my nose pores seem to be less / lighter but I think it will take a bit more time to exfoliate nose pores.  

Overall speaking, I am impressed with the results from my intimate 2 weeks affair with the Clarisonic Plus especially as a guy wishing to reduce excess facial oil or like I said, to have matte-tifiyng skin. I will continue to use it for the next several months and post updates / feedbacks especially with regards to my nose pores which I really struggled to get rid of before. 

Next post will be about the additional body brush! Without revealing too much at the moment, all I have to say is that it was quite fun using the Clarisonic Plus body cleansing function especially with the extender configuration. No! I meant it in a good way! Stay tuned! (so much to talk about! I also wanted to share about my recent 8-days Bali trip!) 


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