Saturday, March 30, 2013

Insight Vacations 2013 - Paris / Luzern / Munich


I know, it has been a long while since I last posted but my job as a travel consultant with Flight Centre Hong Kong has been both rewarding and busy at the same time. Writing blog post seems to be a luxury nowadays but I am trying my best to post and at the same time tweet and ido Instagram as often as possible. Traveling is now my favourite pass time and a great way to relax along with the culinary delights that I am going to enjoy along the way as well. Recently I went on a 7-day escorted with Insight Vacations and I loved it! Cities I visited include Paris, Luzern and Munich! I am usually not the  the type that would join a tour but this trip changed my view. I think for those who wanted to explore more than 2 countries and more than 3 cities in a single trip and wanted everything to be organised, it is the best way to go around indeed. You may question the comfort-ness of the coach I was travelling on but to my surprised, Insight Vacations is very proud with the fact that their coaches have one of the most leg room and I can personally say that it is true! I think it is even better than many regional business classes on flights! Here I have attached some of the pictures I have taken and hope you would enjoy them as much as I did. Next post? It will be my trip (March 2013) to Singapore and the newly opened Legoland in Malaysia.   

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Bonuses said...

Post is preaty good….beautiful fotos...I like them very much...
I would like to visit Paris:)
Thank's author for that:)

Pauline Brewster said...

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Bianka Nolan said...

Great post! Traveling is my passion and I have visited almost each and every corner of this world. Among all the places I found Paris the best as it is the city of lights and renowned as a city of romance. It is not only famous for its history or culture, but it's also at the forefront of art, fashion and recreation. All these qualities and attractions make Paris the foremost destination within the whole of France. Along with beauty, Paris also offers best accommodation and transportation facilities to its tourists. You can find a number of transportation modes and affordable apartments to stay. These beautiful Paris apartments offer all the luxuries and amenities within your budget.

Sonia said...

What lovely photographs!! :)

Unknown said...

Paris is beautiful place for vacations . Train is probably the best way to go. Train, hopefully the high speed TGV.
Regards Paul

Unknown said...

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Gold Crest Holidays said...

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I’m speechless looking at these photos – they are amazing! Paris looks like the most magical fairy tale. I so need to visit. Thank you so much for sharing!

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