Saturday, June 22, 2013

Clarisonic Plus Body Extension

The Clarisonic Plus is not just designed for face but your body as well. As shown in my first post on Clarisonic Plus, the device comes with a body brush as well. The body brush is slightly larger in side and by default the cleansing cycle once you plugged the brush into the device would be 3 minutes. Too short for your whole body? Just click again to give it another go if you ask me for more of the sonic movement cleansing in your shower!  

I think the main benefits of the body cleansing function is to focus on certain parts of your body that you think would require in depth cleansing. For guys in particular, the neck, back, lower leg, heels and feet would be the key areas especially during the hot summer times when I wear shorts and sandals most of the time. Can't reach your back with the device? No worries, the Clarisonic PLUS Body Extension comes to the rescue! It is specially designed for those hard-to-reach areas of your body like your back. Ensure to apply relevant body lotions / cream after use (shower) because after the gentle cleansing and exfoliation of your skin can help absorb skin care products much better as a key benefits of the device. 

Believe it or not, it was more relaxing and comfortable than I imagine it when I put it to the test to my neck and back. True that it is a bit bulky and for many guys it may be an extra process during their quick shower routines, but I think it is a worthwhile giving up my singing sessions in my shower to apply this cleansing process during the summer times. Oh wait, I can sing and cleanse at the same time! 


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the laughing shooter said...

have you used other similar products? is it the best of its kind?

WeCreate said...

My wife used this products it is really nice haha

Dennis Davis said...

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This is actually really interesting, I have never though about skin care that way. I think I am going to try it someday soon. Thanks a lot for sharing, I always find a lot of good ideas here.

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