Monday, July 18, 2011

My 7 Links (Blogosphere Project)


Not only am I excited but I am honored to be invited by e_ting to be part of this Tripbase's My 7 Links Project! Not only does the project "unite bloggers (from all sectors) in a joint endeavor to share lessons learned and create a bank of long but not forgotten blog posts that deserve to see the light of day again," it serves as a timely self-reminder on why I started blogging back in 2009 and my commitment in sharing my travel and dining experiences.

My most beautiful post - Picnic @ Greenwich Park


I struggled quite a bit between my Guam wedding chapel post and my London Picnic at Greenwich Park post as my most beautiful post. While I consider both visually pleasing, my London Picnic post won by a horse nose for one simple reason, I put a lot of effort in arranging, procuring and setting up for half-day event.


My most popular post - Harlan @ The One


My Harlan @ The One post not only is my most popular post, it is one that truly surprised me as well. The number of feedback I got from this post was more than I expected. Perhaps it was the part ranting, part heavy criticism that drew the unanticipated attention. My friend, HK Epicurus once said, I am quite good at ranting when it comes to my resto review. I guess I should do more rantings?


My most controversial post - The Parlour @ Hullett House

Yet another popular ranting post, The Parlour @ Hullett House post back in 2009. Not only did it surprised me in terms of the number of feedback but how it showed the correlation of popularity vs the time I spent writing the post. The less time I spent on a post, the more popular it becomes. More of the post whose success surprised me later because for that post I spent less then 5 mins writing it and the degree of interests that restaurant attracted blew me away. As for the most controversial post, I picked this one because I got mixed feedback from different diners over a period of time and it made me wonder if I was there on my unlucky or I was a bit too harsh in my review. To be honest, I reported the facts and added my opinion based on those facts, so I do not think I was harsh, I reviewed it as an average patron to any given restaurant.


My most helpful post - Afternoon Tea Party


Why is this Afternoon Tea Party post most helpful? I guess in a way my fellow foodies and I illustrated how fun and tough it can be to do food photography especially with the food styling and how to take advantage of the natural lights! Mochachoclata Rita inspired me take better food pictures and strongly encouraged to switch to DSLR. Now I am a dedicated Canon clan and falling in love with food photography as well as other areas of photography as well. Thank you Rita! Taking pictures of food can be quite tricky, while they are still objects (in most cases of course), the styling and shooting perspective can be limitless! For those interested in Food Photography, this is one of the greatest excuse to PLAY WITH YOUR FOOD! :)


My post whose success surprised you - Kwong Wah


The Kwong Wah Convenience Store post certainly blew me by surprise in terms of popularity. I drafted this post in 5 mins with very simple writeup because I wanted to share great news as soon as possible. Share I did and more than I expected. Readers from different social media platforms started to ask me where exactly this local food joint is and all wanting to give it a try. Deep down I was quite happy that my urge to share and my posts are read by many and my posts somewhat influenced them to try, hopefully not with disappointment.


My post you feel didn’t get the attention it deserved - An Overweight Tale

No Running this time?

I wanted this post to get more attention that it deserved because it was my first ever bi-lingual post and that the issue I talked about is a serious and real problem in many developed cities. It deserves greater attention from parents nowadays as well as future parents as well. Who am I joking, it concerns all of us fortunate enough to enjoy food whenever we like to.


My post that you are most proud of - The Gingery - Winter Collection 2010


Why am I most proud of this Gingery post? Simple, I put a lot of effort and creativity into this little project of mine! I spent nights, literally several nights after work to work on the details of the Gingerbread men. At the end I think it was well worth it indeed!


My 7 Links Tag 

Jin Loves to Eat
T: @jinlovestoeat

Mochachocolata Rita
T: @mochachocolata

Gastronomous Anonymous
T: @gastronomous_a

Food of Hong Kong by HK Epicurus
T: @hkepicurus

Ed Eats
T: @EdenaLow



gastronomous anonymous said...

Great post JWW! and thanks again for asking! will put up post shortly - still thinking which post goes with what! i agree with your afternoon tea party as most helpful... it was then that you guys inspired me to buy a camera but yeah... took a while! hehehehe better late than never right?
again - great post!

e_ting said...

I <3 the Gingery! So cute :D
I didn't know it was Rita who convinced you to get a DSLR - seems like it wasn't so long ago - and now, look, you're a pro!! Thanks for taking part in the project :D Look forward to reading all the 7 links of the blogs you tagged too!

Unknown said...

You're just really funny when you rant haha! But I also really enjoy reading your positive reviews too, of course : )

I personally really liked the Picnic and the Kwong Wah posts a lot !

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