Monday, July 4, 2011

Double Down by KFC (Toronto)

Double Down by KFC

So what exactly is a Double Down by KFC? Simply put, it is an ordinary cheese + bacon burger but with the two buns replaced by two big slabs of KFC original recipe chicken breasts! Oh yes, not that ordinary right? My friend A dared me to give it a try and being who I am, I am all in! I have seen the commercial on TV for a few times and tempted to give it a try. As warned by many, prior to eating this, one should arrive with an empty stomach and ensure one has high sodium tolerance. I was quite nervous for some reasons, perhaps because it seemed to be a challenge or maybe just because of the verbal pressure I have been receiving about this Double Down.

Double Down by KFC

Believe it or not, accordingly to its official nutrition figures, the Double Down has 540g of Calories, 32g of fat and 1380g of Sodium, not significantly ... "heavier" compared with similar offerings from similar fast food franchises. How does it compare then? According to a source:

Double Down:
- 540 cals
- 32g fat
- 1380mg sodium

Double Quarter Pounder With Cheese:
- 740 cals
- 42g fat
- 1380mg sodium

Burger King
Original Chicken Sandwich:
- 630 cals
- 39g fat
- 1390mg sodium

Be your own judge with the figures above. What I find most interesting is how some even say that Double Down has less cholesterol than an egg! Whether it is fair to compare like this or whether one should base on a single nutrition figure to decide if the whole is good for you, I am once again not the right person to judge, follow you *cough* heart and indulge at your own pleasure! :)

KFC's Double Down:
- 150mg of Cholesterol

Egg with yolk:
- 275mg of cholesterol

Source 1 - Toronto Sun
Source 2 - Toronto Star
Source 3 - The Globe and Mail

In terms of taste, to be honest, it was quite boring (and it was EXTREMELY salty with both original recipe chicken on top and bottom of the burger) and texture was extremely dry even with the two slices of melting Monterey Jack and pepper jack cheese and two pieces moist bacon in between. I rather have two or perhaps three pieces of original recipe chickens by themselves than to have this Double Down. More gimmick driven than for its taste in my opinion.

Double Down by KFC

Now that I mentioned it, I usually have three or maybe 4 pieces of chickens each time I have KFC, that would exceed the Double Down "nutritional" value by miles!!! Maybe Double Down would be a preferred choice in relative terms when it comes to figures?

Double Down by KFC

Who am I joking! Sometimes to enjoy food, it is not the numbers and figures that matter most, it is the food, the company and how you enjoy the overall meal that matters the most! At the end of the meal, which took me 3x longer compared with a ... Big Mac for example, ... a new idea came to my mine. Double Down can be translated into having this Double Down by KFC and follow by some Popeyes fried chickens, now that's a double down!


Teena in Toronto said...

I haven't been brave enough to try one :)

Jason said...

@Teena: It is time for you to try! :)

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