Friday, July 8, 2011

Thomas Haas Fine Chocolates and Patisserie (Vancouver)

Thomas Haas

On a sunny Thursday morning, a light breeze blew across my hotel room from the balcony which I left opened the night before. Waking up this way by the wind instead of annoying alarm tones certainly made a huge difference in term of my mood. It was certain a smile or a gentle grin on my face even without checking it with a mirror. Holding a cup of not-so-great machine brewed in-room coffee from Starbucks, standing out on the balcony under the warmth of the morning sunshine, I can't help myself but to feel rather lucky, happy, thankful, glad and ... very lucky? :) A picture is worth a thousand words but when it comes to joy and happiness, it can only be best described either by action or ... by the one's "glow". In any case, it brings me to yet another happy topic, chocolates! Some say Chocolate can help fight depression, some say it can be part of a wonderful diet plan and some say it can help lower your cholesterol. Forget it I say, as long as it makes you happy by eating a piece of chocolate or drinking a cup of hot chocolate, go for it!

My visits to Thomas Haas' store in Vancouver had been a rather exciting journey. If you wish to stop by, please ensure you get the business hours right. They are opened Tue - Sat 8am - 5:30pm. Again, they are closed on Sun & Mon. Of course I had the wonderful experience of dropping by on a Sun, only to find out they were closed! Giving up wasn't an option so I had to return again no matter what! Return I did, twice as well.


On this Thursday morning, it was my second visit to Thomas Haas within 3 days and my memorable first visit was for myself to treasure. :) When you are here at Thomas Haas, aside from the chocolates, a cup of silk smooth hot chocolate is a must! Careful when carrying it to your table because the hot chocolate is relative thin, not as creamy and thick as many would expect so careful not to spill any otherwise your picture would be ruined! It was rich enough in flavor despite its rather liquid form and prepare at just the right temperature for immediate enjoyable. I think there is no right time for hot chocolate, any time is good for a cup of hot chocolate because it simply cheers me up.

Thomas Haas

Yes it was breakfast time for me so I ordered the Double Baked Almond Croissant ... to start with! Woah, buttery it was and quite sweet too for breakfast, not for the light hearted. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed it but the wonderfully buttery characteristic of this croissant is an acquired taste in a sense.


The Champagne marcaron I ordered was delightful even as part of MY well-balanced diet! While I enjoy sweets very much, I prefer my mine lightly sweetened so I can enjoy the different layers of sweetness in every bite!


As part of my own well-balanced diet, the doubled baked almond croissant was the main, the champagne macaron was the starter (I guess) and the following pear tart was the dessert! Again, they balanced the sweetness quite well with hint of zesty flavor. I am no expert in tart to be honest but I enjoyed it very much!


Not sure how I should call my breakfast experience at Thomas Haas, I would call it my Big Breakfast which  truly brighten my day AND fill my stomach full!

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La Petite Vancouver said...

Ah you were in Vancouver! Thomas Haas's butter croissant is among the best I could find in Vancouver. It's not easy to find a croissant with that many layers in Vancouver. I agree with you that his creations are more towards sweet side.

Jason said...

@La Petit Vancouver: Indeed! I am missing the sweets there already! I wanted to try the other store, I heard it is in front of the waterfront right?

La Petite Vancouver said...

Jason: The other store is their first store which is located in North Vancouver.

Marlon Francis said...

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Janet said...

This place reminds me a lot of a cafe in Waco. When the appliances at work broke down we had to go there for coffee every day and ended up keeping the tradition even after we got our appliances fixed because the pastries were so good for lunch. I still think appliances are important though, visit this website to see why.

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