Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fu 1088 / 福1088 (Shanghai)


Fu 1088 is not your typical Shanghainese restaurant in the metropolitan of Shanghai, it is located in a refurbished 1930's mansion / villa in the middle of town. The atmosphere was excellent with crackling staircases, wooden decor and beautifully tilted bathrooms. Guests can enjoy a peaceful meal in the individual private dining rooms located through the 3 floors restaurant. Oh wait, almost forgot the mention that there is a RMB 300 per person minimum charge at this atypical Shanghainese restaurant.


Oh I really liked the door to our dining room, it seemed like I traveled through time back into the 1930s Shanghai. Okay, I have been reading a bit too many sci-fi novels.


We started off with Vinegared Jellyfish. It wasn't much to look at but it was quite refreshing thanks to its not so vinegary flavors and its crisp texture which I heart! A little more sesame would be nice!


I am still amazed how the irregularly shaped filets can be piled up without falling over. The Smoke Filet that followed was served at room temperature with hints of sweetness to its flavors while the skin was a bit overly chewy.


Deep Fried Eel was glazed with a bit of honey yet remained very crisp. It was quite addictive to be honest.


How can a Shanghainese meal go with a smoked soft boiled egg. It is one of my favorite items to order when dining in a Shanghaiese resto. While the yolk was perfect in my opinion, the egg being served here lacked the strong flavor I was looking for.


The braised fish wish crystal rice paper noodle sheet was creamy and very rich in flavors. Sauce was a bit too strong and rich for my personal liking though.


Yummy River Shrimp! It was good, firm to the bite, got a kick to its texture but I still prefer the one form Jesse Restaurant which included the tail shell because those had a stronger shrimp flavors and the experience of eating them one by one made it more fun!


Don't underestimate how delicious and addictive a simple dish such as snow peas with ham can be, it was ... O addictive! The slightly crunchy snow peas together with the firm to the bite diced hams complimented each other extremely well! Flavors wise ... just as how the fresh ingredients should taste, simple yet savory!


Next was the crab meat with crab roe stew with toast sticks. Creamy in texture and rich in flavors, it was rather filling but the rich crab roe flavors just made me dig in by the spoonful for more with or without the toast. Yummm .... fattening? Never! I mean what not too fattening I am sure. :)


The sweet and sour deep fried fish was way better than the one we had at Jesse Restaurant. The sauce was mild yet retained the sweetness and sour flavors it required. I could have enjoyed the sauce by itself by the spoonful. Aside from the sauce, the fish itself was very well prepared with crunchy skin and surprisingly moist and tender meat inside. A definite thumbs up! Not to mention the great presentation!


We also ordered some dim sum as well. Turnip Pastry was one of my favorite dim sums and it was a good decision to order it because it was yum! Freshly prepared with freshly shredded turnip and thin pastry layers that was so thin it can break with a slightest touch by your tongue. Thumbs up!


The deep fried onion pancakes were not exactly what we expected but it was certainly a pleasant surprise. We all loved it! Shaped like a mini croissant, the dough was thin yet it was filled with the chopped green onions which gave it a wonder aroma and flavors to every bite. Another thumbs up!


As for desserts, hummmm ... only a small selection and some were fusion desserts as well. I say pass!


Oh wait, you can try the mini dumplings with rice wine dessert because it was rather decent compared with the sour one from Jesse Restaurant.



  • snow peas with ham - simply delicious,  must try! 
  • Turnip Pastry - freshly shredded turnip result in great aroma and flavors 
  • sweet and sour deep fried fish - wonderful sauce, crisp skin and juicy / tender meat! 


  • smoked soft boiled egg - lacked the flavors expected 
  • Fusion desserts? Pass! 
  • min charge???? argh! 

Avg Spending: RMB 300 per person

Fu 1088 / 福1088 (Shanghai)
375 Zhenning Lu, Shanghai, China
Tel: +86 2 5239-7878

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Melissa said...

mouth watering!!!!!

Norman ah Liang said...

Can't believe you order same dishes again in different restaurant!

Jason said...

@Norman: I ordered similar dishes so I can compare haha

Jin said...

That crab meat and crab roe stew looks sinfully good! And yeah, great presentation on the fried fish, it's almost too cute to eat!

Jason said...

@Jin: too cute indeed! but too yummy not to eat it though ... :)

Wendy Pang said...

Oh oh I was planning to ask my sister Gladys to recommend you to go to Fu1039 too, there is another one similar, they modified the old mansion into a shanghainese restaurant too. But i forgot their address and its contact no.

It is charging min 150RMB per head only....

Jason said...

@Wendy: yeah! I will definitely try Fu1039 next time! I think it is on the same road as well if I recall correctly. Now I wish I can fly back soon and dig out more places to eat! Argh! ... time for another break!

Eva E. Murphy said...

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Chris Greenwalty said...

Wow. All of the above dishes look really wonderful to taste. I am planning an annual meetup with my masters dissertation team. Can you suggest any restaurant near London, United Kingdom, where all of the above items are available in the menu?

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