Friday, August 6, 2010

McSorley's Ale House


Many informed us that McSorley's Ale House is one of the best burger places in town but our experience tell us that it may not be exactly the case. It was by no means bad, perhaps we expected too much. A matter of expectation management I suppose. Therefore, it is very important to be as mutual as possible when visiting new restos in my opinion.


We started with a bucket, yes a bucket of Spiced Rubbed Chicken Wings. The golden skins were crisp and flavorful with hints of spiciness which enhanced the flavors. For those who love cheese, a quick dip into the cheese sauce compliment the juicy wings very well! I wish the bucket was bigger!!


I did not try the Chicken Parmesan but just the look of it said it all: EAT ME PLEASE! How was it by the way S?


R ordered the Bacon and Cheese Burgers ... hummm ... bacon .... yum! If I recall correctly, R comments on this burger were pretty much the same as minem which means the burger was .... [read on please :)]


I ordered the Blue Cheese Burgers with Bacon and oh boy was it cheesy both in aroma and flavors.


However, the beef lacked the beefy taste I was looking forward and although cooked to medium rare as requested, it was fairly DRY! The bun was warm and top remained toasty crisp even after 5 mintures into the meal but  meat patty was rather disappointing in my personal opinion.


  • juicy, tender, golden chicken wings! 
  • bun remained toasty crisp even after 5 mins 
  • Burger beef patty rather dry even at Med Rare. 
Avg Spending: HKD 100 - 200

McSorley's Ale House
55 Elgin Street, Central, HK
Tel: 2522 2646


Anonymous said...

the chicken parmigiana was good! chicken tender and succulent, but my only gripe is not enough sauce!!!!!

rachel said...

you should try the chicken finger next time, they have apply the very good taste sauce

Jason said...

@rachel: oh ... now i want to go try asap!

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