Sunday, August 8, 2010

Basement Restaurant


I know it is not an acceptable excuse but I really cannot find the notes I jotted down for my visit to this restaurant. I have to be very careful with the notes from now on! Anyhow, a group of us gathered here for our friend J's birthday celebration and we enjoyed the meal very much because I remembered how we all left with smiles on our faces. Perhaps it was the wine or the ice cream cake that put the smiles on our faces but one thing for sure, we had a good time. Since I lost the notes, I am not going go into details of the dishes but treat this entry as a photo-journal. I think I will return later to make up for the review for sure.

One thing I do remember was the lovely decor and atmosphere. The cement columns / walls plus wall paper and living room fixtures gave me a good impression indeed. I like this sort of "cool" contemporary decor and perhaps I may decorate my own place (when I do own my own place) similar to this style.


Bread Rolls to start off the meal. Love the presentation,


Beef Carpaccio 


Pan-fried French Foie Gras


Forgot what it was but very cute right?


Another pretty starts with tiny tomatoes.


Grilled Fresh Tiger Prawns 


Time for mains! Slow Roasted Pork Cheek.


Grilled USA Meyer Natural Angus Beef


Pan-Roasted Saikyo Miso Black Cod


One of the pretty corners of this restaurant.


Sorry, no likes and dislikes for this entry. I will have to return for another review.

Avg Spending: HKD 200 -300 per person

Basement Restaurant 
UG, 29 Gough Street, Central
Tel: 2854 0010

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Mari5hongkong said...

Hi I had lunch at this lovely restaurant and really liked their salmon sandwich! I plan to go back for dinner or somethiing soon.

Jason said...

@Mari5hongkong: I think I should return sooner than planned! :)

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