Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Xinjishi 新吉士

Contrary to the common belief, not all my meals are extravagant! I do enjoy simple dishes and this Shanghainese meal was another good example of how I enjoy simple dishes with good company! Xinjishi 新吉士 is one of my personal favorites not only because of the food but perhaps the environment as well.

(1) Preserved Eggs with Bean Curd
One of my favorite dishes of all times! Many restaurants nowadays tend have less preserved eggs for this dish but I like it with plenty of preserved eggs to go along with the silky smooth bean curd / tofu. I think the sauce was one of the key factors in making this dish so ... addictive. Slightly sweet but not too strong in overtaking the flavors of the preserved eggs. My friends and I were fighting over this dish!

(2) KO-FU (braised wheat gluten with bamboo shoots)
Rich in flavors on every bite but slightly too strong in my opinion. It was soft and chewy, a great dish to start the meal off.

(3) Pan-fried string beans with dried chopped shrimps
It was rather salty! The dried chopped shrimps paste were too salty and it was better to be mixed with some rice to go along with it. Also, the proportion was rather small as well. Disappointing!

(4) Xiao Loong Bao (Steamed Pork Dumplings)
The skin was thin enough but again the tip part of the dumpling was too "dough-y" likely due to the way it was prepared / wrapped. Not much meat juice was found inside but the meat was moist enough with a sufficient flavors. A fair dish indeed.

(5) Fried rice cake with pork and vegetables
It lacked flavors or maybe it was intended to have a light flavors. In either case, I don't like it not just because of the lack in flavors but also the rice cake was overly chewy, took me a long while to finish a spoonful of it.

(6) Mini-rice dumplings in ginger soup
WOW! It was spicy! Spicy in a Gingery way !!! I coughed a few times after the first sip. It was like having a burning sensation in mouth. I love ginger but this was too much! For ginger lovers, give it a try, you might actually like it. I guess my tolerance level for ginger might not be as high as I imagined!

  • Preserved Eggs with Bean Curd - might have to order two dishes next time to avoid the fight over it.
  • Xiao Loong Bao - not the best but meat was moist enough and skin was pretty thin
  • Pan-fried string beans with dried chopped shrimps - too salty!
  • Fried rice cake with pork and vegetables - rice cake slices overly chewy
  • Mini rice dumplings in ginger soup - extremely gingery to a point it was rather spicy!
Avg Spending: HKD 100 - 200 per person

Xinjishi 新吉士
Shop 201-203, 2/F., Lee Garden Phase II,
28 Yan Ping Road, CWB
Tel: 852 2890 1122

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