Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Triple O's by White Spot

This entry is inspired by Mochachocolata Rita's recent venture to Duke's Burger and Jin's latest entry on McDonald's. Strongly influenced by their mouth-watering experiences, I was craving for burgers as well!! As I passed by Triple O's at Harbour City after my XMAS CD shopping spree, I went straight towards to counter without much hesitation. Instead of a meaty burger, I opted for the fish!!

(1) Fish Burger
The fish fillet was thick and the battered layer was crispy. The inside was moist and flaky, wonderful indeed. There were plenty of cooked onion and tartar sauce as well. So how would I review? Well, I was licking most of my fingers at the end so to from the phrase from KFC, it was "finger lickin' good"! (what I regret the most was that I SHOULD HAVE ORDERED THE MILKSHAKE!!!)

  • Fish Fillet was thick, crispy out the outside and moist + flaky in the inside
  • the heated bun was a bit too soft (maybe I was grabbing it too hard?)
Avg Spending: Below HKD 100 per person

Triple O's by White Spot
#3001-DB, Level 3, Citysuper
Harbour City, Canton Road, TST, Kowloon
Tel: 852 2387 7000

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Unknown said...

hehehe...triple o...you've tempted me to hop and skip to PP at lunch time...hmm...ah! maybe i'll try another burger instead...guess where?

Jason said...

@Mochachocolata: humm ... perhaps Monster Burger!? :)

Jin said...

triple o... #64 of 167 backlogs! hahaha! my favorite is their mushroom burger. and yes, you should've ordered a milkshake! a triple o meal is never complete without it. strawberry and blueberry for me!

cheeky angel said...

I liked their BC burger but haven't been back in ages. I had a terrible experience at the TST branch (when they first opened) where the fries were soggy and the burger was rather pathetic. And the last couple of times at the Shatin branch, I've had very mediocre burgers compared to the ones I had when they only had a couple of branches in HK years ago.

Passionate to cook! said...

Triple O is the most impressive one I've had for my dinner at Shatin. The fish was so crispy and yummy. I will definetly try again! Tina

Jason said...

@Jin: I know, I wanted to just head back and get the milkshakes; thick and creamy! so good!

Jason said...

@cheeky angel: Among all their outlets, I still prefer the one at Pacific Place. There are many new burger places around town nowadays but Triple O is still one of the bitter picks among all the causal burger joints :) (their fries are not that special I have to agree)

Jason said...

@tinawongmc2005: yes indeed, I was surprised by the quality of the fish fillet, maybe it was my lucky day or perhaps because I was there pretty late and they have to prepare the burger to order because they used up all the prepared ones for the evening rush?) :)

cheeky angel said...

Agree that that the PP branch seems to be able to retain their standard of service but the last time I had a burger from here, I wasn't impressed as I used to be - maybe I was just unlucky? However, given the raves about the fish, perhaps I should pass on the cow burger next time I go to Triple O's for a visit?

I currently like BK for cow burgers and their fries are good too - very potatoey (although that could be cos they apparently use potato flour to make their fries, which is not quite right) but passable on the odd occasions, if push comes to shove.

Jason said...

@cheeky angel: I think it was my lucky day indeed haha, I will give the fish burger a try again to ensure its consistency in terms of quality because I also had some not-so-pleasant experiences with Triple O's before. :)

cheeky angel said...

Am a convert (for now) to their fish burger. And whilst the fish was crispy on the outside and moist inside, the fish fillet was rather slim and seemed to be a little lost sandwiched between the generous layers of chopped lettuce. Boo though to the Shatin branch for only having strawberry milkshake the other night I stopped by and was seriously craving a blueberry shake.

Jason said...

@cheeky angel: really? I think I need to visit all the various outlets and give their fish burgers a try (perhaps a consolidated reviews?). My fillet was not lost in between but it was slipping around in between the layers of chopped lettuce and dressing. LOLz ...

algorithm18 said...

Wow, man. BC burgers in Hong Kong! I had no idea. I'm from Vancouver, Canada, and was surprised to find that White Spot (and their more fast food oriented Triple O's locations) had opened in Hong Kong. Yeah, the BC burger with it's Triple O sauce was a staple of my youth, and remains a local favourite. The restaurant chain was started in the 20's by Nat Bailey in Vancouver, BC, and to this day there is still a baseball stadium named after him in Vancouver. A fun fact: In the 1950's, Bailey was being persuaded to switch over to "modern" frozen french fries, but it was actually my grandfather, who worked in the food supply business, who convinced him that fresh cut was still the only way to go, and all their fries are still cut fresh today. Thanks so much for the review, and for bringing back a few memories!


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