Monday, November 30, 2009

Bangkok Nov 2009 - Day 3 (Spa, Eat & Sleep!)

Bangkok Nov 2009 - Day 3 (Day 1 & Day 2)


After a quick breakfast at the hotel on Day 3, our last day of this weekend getaway, we headed for our much anticipated spa session at the Oasis Spa Bangkok. This time all 4 of us went together and if we were to be stuck in traffic, all of us will be there to suffer!!! I have been to the Oasis Spa Bangkok once before and the landscape, decor, environment and atmosphere has captivated me so much that I have to come back at all cause.

Please be minded that the spa is located in the middle of the city districts, hiding somewhere inside the busy streets! An Oasis indeed!

Soon after we arrived, we were led to the waiting area to select the spa package(s) over a soothing cup of tea.

I picked the King of Oasis package and ... ... how can a spa session go without a milk bath! I just cannot resist having a milk bath in a big bath tub located outdoors under the open sky with the sounds of birds and the sound of leaves in the wind all around me. Alright, I might have exaggerated it a bit but the bath tub and the shower was indeed situated outdoors and it was indeed a perfect environment for some personal reflection. Not to mention coming out with silky smooth skins!! The entire 3-hour spa session lasted not long enough; how I wish I can spend the whole day here, in this little oasis.



For lunch, our dear food guide took us to a nice little restaurant nearby. According to our friend, this place is a popular family restaurant in the neighborhood serving very traditional / local everyday Thai food. Perfect!!! Exactly what I was looking forward to try.

The kitchen of this restaurant is situated at the back of the building / lot and I sneaked out to take a picture of it.

There wasn't much decoration to the main dining area; plain, simple yet very homely.

So how local was the restaurant? Well, many items were only in Thai so we have to rely on our food guide to help us order. I don't know how to type Thai and not sure how to translate the Thai names into English, so the following will be another photoblog. :)

Although the weekend getaways was short, we all had an amazing time and we are already planning for our next little venture to somewhere sunny, warm, dry and of course a place where there are wonderful spa establishments!

Bangkok Nov 2009 - Day 3 (Day 1 & Day 2)

~ The End of Bangkok Nov 2009 - Day 3 of 3 ~


Unknown said...

an oasis indeed...and i cant take my eyes off that plate of spicy looking fried rice...

Jason said...

@Mochachocolata: only the fried rice? I am looking at the pics again and again and I can't take my eyes off most of the dishes ... lolz

Jin said...

reading your 3 day bangkok post is making me seriously consider a trip there myself. eating, sleeping and pampering... that is the life!

cheeky angel said...

Nice shots of the food, almost as if you could reach out and grab the food off the screen.

Day Spas Orlando said...

Mmmmmmm!!! Yammy.

Nice pics of the food, making me seriously consider a trip there myself... that is the life:)

Many many thanks for this information mmmmmuh:)

Jason said...

@Dylan: Thanks for your kind words! Glad the information was help and hope you have a wonderful trip going there!

@Day Spas Orlando: Did you end up going??

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