Wednesday, November 4, 2009


It was a sudden decision of mine to visit RED @ IFC on this lovely Saturday afternoon for a relaxing brunch! My last visit here was a while ago spending the afternoon under the sun reading. This time I can give their food items a try. You may ask why the restaurant opted for a self-serving approach, it is because this outdoor podium / alfresco dining area is a public area and hence no service can be provided. I am perfectly fine with that as long as I can enjoy my food under the sun. Just look around, it is not an everyday chance one can relax and enjoy a meal with such a view of Hong Kong.

It was perfect to me, not humid and not too hot (under the shade of course!). There were actually a lot of people dining here at this hour, all looking for some sun shines I imagined. If the weather is to get cooler (likely in a month or so), I might just spend the whole day here read, drinking cocktails and just to chill!

(1) 3-Egg Omelette

It was HUGE and thick! I think there were more than 3 eggs. Among the many fillings selection, I picked mushroom, baked ham, sweet corns and cheddar cheese. Wow, there were plenty of ingredients / fillings in that omelette as well. I love the sweet corns which added hints of sweetness to the whole dish. The omelette itself was a bit overcook but definitely acceptable. No surprises for the fries. As for the cappuccino, while it was rather weak, the foam was a surprise. It was very fine and creamy, not bad at all.

  • atmosphere / alfresco dining
  • very creamy foam from the cappuccino
  • plenty of fillings / ingredients !
  • weak coffee
Avg Spending: HKD 100 -200 per person

Red Bar and Restaurant
4/F, IFC Mall
Central, Hong Kong
Tel: 8129 8882

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Anonymous said...

just happened to see ur blog in openrice and came back for few times.. i am quite surprised that you go to different restos almost everyday! and i mean no offence but you really need to watch out for your cholesterol level@@..

Jason said...

Thanks for dropping by! I have been warned by few friends recently too and I think it is time for me to do a check up and start doing more exercises as well! ... argh exercises ...

Thanks for the tip! : )

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