Friday, August 13, 2010

Yang's Fry-Dumpling 小杨生煎馆


I am going to start off my Shanghai series with something simple yet extremely satisfying, Sheng jian bao (生煎包) or what many locals call it Shengjian mantou (生煎饅頭) from Yang's Fry-Dumpling 小杨生煎馆. It is basically a pan fried meat-filled bun. One of the key elements for a good Sheng jian bao is to have golden crisp bottom from the pan frying, at least to my understanding. The amount of meat juice inside the meat would make a big difference as well.

I like the pan-fried baos here because they were ... different, at least different from what I am used to. The skin / dough of the baos were very thin with plenty of juice inside. You see the plate below? It was dry when served and see all the juice now floating on the plate? There were plenty of juice inside with hints of sweetness to them! As mentioned, the skins were thin that it seemed like a huge dumpling! (perhaps that's why they called it Yang's Fry-Dumpling?) I am uncertain whether the thin dough / skin version is the traditional way of making them but I quite enjoyed them.


Apparently one dish of 4 "dumplings" were not enough for two to share, so we have to order an extra dish to share. Oh, did I mention I really want to take the plate home? I love those retro plates!



  • golden crisp outer layer, especially the bottom 
  • plenty of meat juice inside the thin skin / dough (something different from what I am used to, in a good way) 


  • Can be quite oily / greasy

Avg Spending: RMB 5 per person

Yang's Fry-Dumpling 小杨生煎馆
上海市黄浦区河南中路 529号 (宁波路店)
No. 529, He Nan Zhong Lu
Shanghai Huang Pu Qu, China

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Spike said...

I found this place totally by accident a couple of years ago, just wandering streets at random, saw the line-up here, figured it must be something good, joined that line and - wow, these are beyond good. Now I'm hungry and wishing I was back in Shanghai ....

Unknown said...

love thin skin and plenty of juices!...and the plates! the plates!

Jin said...

I strongly agree with you on this. Simple yet extremely satisfying. One of the best eats in Shanghai!

Jason said...

@Spike: I really don't mind having some right now!

@Rita: Perhaps those plates are for sale??? hummm

@Jin: Yes indeed! Want to go back soon!

kelly said...

Hi Jason,

These are definitely authentic. The local breakfast joints in the local Shanghai neighborhoods serve sheng jian bao's similar to these at even cheaper prices, I think 2RMB for 4 but the taste is not as good.

Xiao Yang is my favorite place to eat at in Shanghai. I always also order curry beef soup with vermicelli to go with my 8 sheng jian bao's.

My dad loves sheng jian bao's and even makes them himself. He insists on the thin sides and the thick bottom as that was the way he always had them in Shanghai.

Jason said...

@Kelly: indeed! every time I look at the pictures I wanted to return! Maybe I should plan another trip soon! :)

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