Monday, March 15, 2010

Union J - Sunday Brunch Finally!

I know! I know! This entry is like my 3rd entries on Union J (1st & 2nd) , but hey, I like this place for being what it is! My foodie friend Babedolphin once mentioned that Union J is one of the few in Hong Kong where the chefs would actually deliver more than what are being described in the menu in terms of techniques and perhaps ingredients used. (Mr. Babedolphin put it in a slightly different way with more details of course, I will let him expand on his take in the comments section below) For me I like the atmosphere, I like the setting and I like how they don't try to pack tables close together even with the open spaces they have.

Did I mention my visit was on a Sunday? Yep, Union J started offering Brunch on Sunday ... wait, I mean they finally decided to OPEN on Sunday! Finally! So what do they offer on Sunday, particularly with its Sunday brunch offering? Well ... basically you can either go a la carte or pick from the list of 17 items! Took us quite a while to select because there were more than 5 items I want! I did not want to give up my Corn Beef Harsh for Smoked Bacon, I want both! I am not going to list all the items out, you can check out the menu below.

After a long 10 mins of thinking, I decided to go with Corned Beef Hash, Classic Egg Benedict, Spiced Pork Sausage, Huevos Rancheros and Bead Basket. Before I bring you to my dish, let us take a look of my friends' orders. I think we ALMOST ordered one of each items from the menu!

Wow, mine was a EGG FEAST! And such an pretty egg! Cannot see the items clearly? No worries, I zoomed in for some of them for your eye's pleasure! :)

The Classic Egg Benedict was pretty good, well prepare with yolk flowing out as it should be! The saltiness of the ham mixed well with the egg yolk and also the hollandaise sauce. Talking about hollandaise sauce reminds me of what Anthony Bourdain said and what I quoted from my breakfast venture at Mandarin Grill +Bar. I still like my hollandaise sauce so more the merrier!

The bread basket consisted of several kinds of bread and I liked the sourdough the most. I was getting a bit full at this point already!

This Huevos Rancheros was something new to me. I did not know what the heck it was when I was ordering it, all I know was that it has eggs and guacamole! Yum. However, it turns out to be rather disappointing in terms of of flavors which were rather weak and confusing in my opinion especially the spicy black beans paste (not spicy at all and very gluey ... interesting texture to be honest but flavors need some work) .... Almost forgot about the Tortilla chip which was ... soggy and almost impossible to cut apart or rip apart! Argh!

Look how pretty the egg was, I almost did not want to egg it and leave it there as it was for my eye's pleasure. Then again, I love eggs, I love food, how can I let decent food go to waste! Never!

Wait a second! Where was the Corned Beef Hash? Good question indeed, it was hiding under the pretty egg!! :) Nice touch! However, the texture was rather firm and flavors a bit too rich, but together with the egg the flavor balanced out so it was alright. Oh yes, the Pork Sausage was alright, no surprises there.

There were some disappointing items but overall it was a good relaxing brunch with good company and good atmosphere so I think I will come back soon to try the rest of their items

  • Atmosphere / Decor
  • Wide selection of brunch items and portion was HUGE!
  • Classic Egg Benedict - well prepared with yolk flowing out and flavors were good with the ham and hollandaise sauce
  • Huevos Rancheros - interesting marriage of flavors and a super tough Tortilla chips!
  • Corned Beef Hash - texture was a bit too firm
Avg Spending: around HKD 250 per person

Union J
1/F California Tower,
30-32 D'Aguilar Street, Central
Tel: 2537 2368

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Greentea00 said...

let me go try someday ...never realize there is a place up there..
i had an awlful tea yesterday @ Harlans, IFC...and I will tell all my friends and blogmates not to go service at all! poor tea pastries and disappointed!

Jason said...

@Greentea00: their lunch is more consistency in terms of quality. I think their Brunch still has room for improvement and I will certain go again to test it out :)


I forgot what I said about here but I've only tried Dinner. Its just that generally I think credit should be given to the chefs as there's at least several more elements they have injected into the dish to achieve a better result. (Although taste wise its a bit on the stronger side, except Desserts, which aren't sweet, it was a surprise!)

The Brunch looks ok-good, so you can order all the egg dishes on the menu's top left hand side if you want to? : P Btw, is that an Omelette in the far right hand corner of food photo 2?

I like this Brunch idea with 5 selections!

Jason said...

@Babedolphin, you are right, that was an omelette they called fluffy omelette which looked more like a pancake to me :)


That pancake like omelette is small! Like a coin purse :S I have a feeling that fluffy omelette is difficult to make - if it is as 'pillowy' as I think it looks, unless I've been deceived by your nice photos. It actually resembles something I have been theorising about making, using some molecular method.

Actually it looks eerily like the Omu-rice video I sent you the link last night - u know, the real Hard-core Version B Japanese omelette rice one, that is all the RAGE in Japan if you really understand Omu-rice!

Jason said...

@Babedolphin, it was pillowy! You should go test it out and let us know! :)

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