Wednesday, March 10, 2010

MO Bar @ Landmark Mandarin Oriental

I always wanted to try MO Bar's breakfast buffet but since I am not an early person, I will give their brunch set a try first. Its atmosphere and decor are truly hip and trendy and I enjoy returning once in a while mostly for drinks. I seriously doubt that the place was designed for serving food in full scale or as a restaurant because those chairs / tables are definitely not what I call comfortable eating chairs. Perhaps it is just me and my semi-traditional mindset?

The selection of cold and hot dishes were only fair, I actually expected a bit more. The cold dishes include with various kinds of salads such as Mediterranean salad, chicken and cashew salad and other cold items as such sashimi, cold pasta, smoked salmon, hams, and oysters. There was the option to select a made-to-order hot item from the kitchen but we opted for the hot items from the table instead. The hot selection included a huge glazed ham and a huge beef wellington, yum yum!

Once again, the selection was decent and many of the items were fresh, I think it was more of the decor and atmosphere that I enjoyed, especially on a Sunday morning / afternoon.

There were only a handful of cheese selection and my personal favorite was the goat cheese.

They do offer a chocolate fountain but I didn't feel like chocolate this afternoon, I want something more fruity! :)

  • Hip and Trendy decor / atmosphere, good to spend a relaxing afternoon. Other same grade hotels which offer brunch are often jam packed.
  • Beef Wellington - outer pastry was puffy (but rather too thick I think) and beef fillet was tender and beefy
  • Chairs & tables not really designed for full scale dining
  • Food selection rather limited for a brunch (compared with other similar grade hotel)
Avg Spending: HKD 300 - 500 per person

MO Bar
G/F, Landmark Mandarin Oriental,
15 Queen's Road, Central
Tel: 2132 0077

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Very useful review.

Actually this joint is kinda weird. Brunch, Breakfast, Afternoon Tea, then Cocktails/Alcohol - they serve it all!

But its shaped most like a bar the most! I tried tea here before its quite-good. Cocktails here though are very good, just very exxy ! :D

Unknown said...

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