Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Thai Lemongrass

Thai Lemongrass is one of the many restaurants located in LFK under the management of the Lan Kwai Fong Entertainment group. Although the Thai decor at this place cannot be considered as traditional, the stone sculptures and the wood moldings are doing a good job at making me feel like I am in Thailand. I usually come here for lunch for its set lunches so this is the first time having dinner here. Arrived around 730pm and the place was pretty empty so windows seats were not a problem. Just to be safe, my friend and I decided to order some common / traditional dishes.

While reading through the menu, we were served with a dish of fried prawn chips which were pretty good in terms of taste. We tried not to finish them because they were rather filling. The menu wasn't long so it didn't take us long finalize our orders. For appetizer, we ordered a Platter to Share (Tom Sum Rub 自選拼盤) with 3 items, namely Prawn Cakes (Tod Mun Koog 炸蝦餅), Sliced Pork (Kor Moo Yang 燒豬頸肉 ) and Mango and Avocado Rice Paper Roll (Pau Pia Sod 芒果牛油梨紙米卷). Among the 3 items, the Rice Paper Roll was pretty good because it is rather refreshing. However, the Slicked Pork was cold and I suspect it has been grilled for a while sitting in the kitchen waiting to be served. The Prawn Cakes were fair but the outer layer was rather too chewy for my liking.

For our second dish, we ordered a Salad with grilled beef tenderloin in Thai herbs sauce (Yam Neur San 炭燒泰式牛柳沙律). If you are not a spicy person, don't be too greedy on the sauce. Other than that the citrus flavor were refreshing and I liked it. One thing we noted was that the restaurant was pretty generous on the beef.

Next come the Pad Thai (鮮蝦炒金邊粉). Nothing really special about this dish but it was really hot as in straight out from the "wok." I like my food hot when it should be. It is hard to get his dish wrong in a Thai restaurant and this place did a fairly good job with the sauce and just the right amount of bean sprouts to enhance the overall texture. I will certainly come here again for dinner to try other dishes such as curry and fried soft shell crab which looked very tasty from other people's tables.

Thai Lemongrass
3/F, California Tower,
30-32 D'Aguilar Street,
Lan Kwai Fong, Central, Hong Kong
Tel: (852) 2905 1688


Anonymous said...

Is it expensive? How much was this dinner?

Jason said...

I cannot recall exactly the total cost of the meal but each dish should be around HKD80 - 100.

Mariée said...

The environment is very nice, but foods are not very nice, just fair.

Jason said...

@Mariee: yea, it is good for a casual lunch in the area.

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