Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sky Lounge @ Sheraton

It has been a while since the last time I came here for drinks. I think the last time I was here was a month ago on a Sunday afternoon for brunch at the Oyster & Wine Bar located on the same floor. I will do another review later on the brunch because I am pretty sure I will go again in the near future. Anyhow, Sky Lounge is a very good place to just sit and have good chats with friends over a few glasses of wines. Many come here for the amazing view which overlooks Hong Kong's Victoria Harbour. The view is pretty amazing at night when it is not as foggy and gloomy like tonight after the heavy rain all night long. A very good (perhaps romantic?) option for couples who want to enjoy the night with a view. Tonight I came here with two friends. Please pardon the quality of the pictures because I took it with my mobile phone.

Sky Lounge is the first in Hong Kong to introduce the Enomatic Wine Dispensing System. Tastings in LKF followed shortly after with even more choices. However, Sky Lounge's atmosphere alone is by far better. For some reasons, perhaps due to certain promotions, many of the red wines are from Spain and they don't have any Pinot Noir which I like. I tried various red, white and a very very sweet desert wine. I have a feeling that this place is getting more popular because there were crowds standing around the machines all the time and the place was still pretty full when we left around 1am. My suggestion is to come during week nights and on a less gloomy night if you want to enjoy a few drinks quietly with our other half or friends while overlooking the Victoria Harbour.

Sky Lounge
18/F, Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel & Towers
20 Nathan Road , Kowloon
Hong Kong, China
Phone: (852) 2369 1111


Anonymous said...

just read this review, and wonder how you pay for the wine from the machine? buy a card first? thank you

Jason said...

Hi, regarding the payment, Sky Lounge offers two options.

(1) registered for a so-called membership card which cost $100 if I recall correctly (as a deposit for the machine card) and you can top-up each time with a minimum value of HKD500. Also, with the purchase of the card, you can enjoy a waiver of any relevant minimum charges AND there is no service charges to the wines from the machine FOR THE CARDHOLDER only. Just bring this card back every time and pop into the machine for some nice wines :)

(2) You can ask them for a temp card which they will charge you for the amount spent at the end of the session. However, minimum charges still apply (as well as the 10% service charge I think, have to confirm you on that one)

If you pass by every now and then and don't mind carrying the card around, I would suggest you to get the card because of the waived service and minimum charges ;)


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