Monday, May 25, 2009

ANTIQUE Patisserie & Fine Chocolates

I have been to this boutique cake shop on Lyndhurst Terrace often enough over the past year to consider it an ideal hideaway for me to kill time in the evening before dinner appointments nearby. This evening was no difference especially with today's rainy weather, there was just nowhere worth going. I call it a hideaway because it is rather difficult to find a quiet and peaceful café near that area where you can just sit and stay away from the noisy traffics outside. Other alternatives? Of course! Try Starbucks or Pacific Coffee Company nearby which are usually packed with people who are either (1) seemingly studying with their ipods on while typing frantically on their ever tiny laptops replying instant messages with a grin, or (2) explaining to a 20-something young couples across the table about their financial futures or retirement objectives which I personally considered very private matters.

Antique uses the Victorian décor theme for its tea room with fireplace along the wall. Based on my observations, most customers would opt for the Victoria style sofa instead of the normal tables they offer. They do look very comfortable but both the coffee table and sofa are a bit too low in height for my liking. It is rather difficult to reach for my drink or eat my cake. Anyhow, it has been raining for the past few days including today so I opted for something bright and colorful this time, something I haven’t tried before.

I ordered the cake Spring Time and a pot of Blue Mountain tea. The tea is light in nature but it has a very subtle vanilla aroma to it which I am not too fond of myself. But if you are a fan of vanilla, give it a try. As for the cake, I picked Spring Time because of its name and colors. It is the combination of different colored mini macaroons on top on the chocolate coating that attracted my attention.

As for the cake itself, the thick chocolate crust base is rather difficult to break away with a simple fork, but once you broke free of it you are in, you find a yellow custard in the center which I think its lemon flavor because of its citrus taste. The taste and texture of mixing the chocolate coating / syrup with the lemon custard insider (along with abit of the very hard chocolate crust) was rather refreshing I think. The mini macaroons are less chewy and less rich compared with those of original size. Try to eat it with the mini macaroons as well for a different texture. My other favorites from Antique are the Earl Grey Mousse and for cheesecake lovers, the Signature Cheesecake.

Shop 2, G/F Oriental Crystal Commerical Building
46 Lyndhurst Terrace
Tel: 852-2542-2816

Jusco Department Store
Ground Floor.
Tel: 852-2907-2908


Unknown said...

They all sound nice. Did you try other types of tea? Could you recommend some as I wanna go to there with my friends. Thanks.

Jason said...

Hi Catherine, if i recall correctly they have a large selection of tea but so far I only tried a few of them. In addition to the Blue Mountain, I tried my usual favorite Earl Grey (which is pretty common i guess) and also the Turkish Apple tea I think. I remember this Turkish Apple because it reminds me of hot Apple Cider which goes well with some of the lightly flavored macaroons. Don't worry about clashing the taste because the Turkish Apple is pretty light if i recall correctly. (a possible factor for the light flavor can be due to the large pot they use)

Unknown said...

Really ? Turkish Apple tea is usually too sweet. I thought if it would cover the taste of cake.

Jason said...

Yeah, if my memory serve me correctly, the Turkish Apple tea at Antique is citrus in nature and fairly light so would not cover the taste of the cake.

Unknown said...

Thanks for your detailed comments. I will try it out later with my friends.

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