Monday, December 10, 2012

Sassy’s Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for Guys! (2012)!

Last year I contributed to the Sassy's Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for Guys and this year, let's keep the momentum and check out what sort of cool items I have recommended for this year's Christmas! My favourite got to be the Herb-savor but apparently it is no longer available in Hong Kong so I need to see where else I can get it!! Argh! ... Now that I am into travel, I tend to check out more travel gears and accessories so I will start posting more frequently on food, travel and gadgets, I promise. I have been trying to adjust and settle in at my new role as a Travel Consultant with Flight Centre Hong Kong and I can confidently say that I am now ready to get back into action to ... SHARE! Want a sneak preview of what's to come? click to Read More! :)

So what's to come on my blog?

Macau (Dec 2012) - Sheraton Macao Hotel
I will be covering more than just the new hotel but also the overall development of Macau in the past few years and what I think about it in general. Oh, possibly a brief mention of the Guincho a Galera at Hotel Lisboa Macau as well, great deal for lunch in my opinion! 

Paris , Lucerne and Munich (Jan 2013) 
I will be heading for these three destinations in Jan 2013 partly for work. Lucerne and Munich are new destinations to me and I am quite excited to take some photographs, especially city scenes with snow! Oh the coldness!


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