Monday, October 1, 2012

Island East Markets (Hong Kong)

Simply put, it is fun to be part of something great! My Fashion Birdcage along with Vintage& participated in this weekend's Island East Markets in Quarry Bay! Quoting from their website, Island East Markets is Hong Kong first Sunday farmer's market to promote the best of "Hong Kong, be it fresh produce grown by Hong Kong’s most dedicated organic farmers, handcrafted goods made by local artisans, or the best local brands and bands." I always wanted to see such a regular Sunday markets in Hong Kong similar to that of London'd Spitafield Mrarkets but I surely cannot recall one that was of this scale and with such wide varieties of vendors, you name it you they got it! You would not be leaving empty handed for sure, or hungry for that matter! I was too busy at my booth yesterday to take any pictures for the events but you can check out comprehensive coverage by 1) The Wanderlister+ Asia as well as 2) You Got Me Blogging. Yep you can find our booth (My Fashion Birdcage & Vintage&) in both articles! Sigh, I should have dressed up in a vintage shirt right? The Island East Markets runs every Sunday until 21 October 2012 from 10am-5pm, so drop by and have some fun, show some support! Follow their Facebook Page for the latest updates!!!


Krissy 'n her stuff said...

Wow! just bumped into your blog and i LOVE it! not sure if i love the food posts or travel posts more but one thing for sure is your blog makes me miss HK so so much! im looking forward to seeing your entries about Australia one day!

chinese soup recipes said...

so good. nice.

Judy Morris said...

There is a nice black and white frock behind you, I think it is suitable for you.

Nguyen Minh Tam said...

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