Monday, August 1, 2011

Please think before you speak (Ranting)

The story goes something like this. I was calling a so-called hip restaurant situated in Causeway Bay requesting information on their afternoon tea set and seat availability at its massive outdoor terrance. The following is the phone conversation between the (S)taff and myself (J).

S:          Thank for calling XXXXX, this is YYYYY speaking, how can I help you?

J:           Hi, I would like to ask if you have any afternoon tea set during weekdays?  

S:         Yes we do, we have afternoon tea set from 3 to 5pm during the weekdays.  

J:          Is the outdoor terrance available during the afternoon tea period? 

S:         It is if weather permit ... 

J:          Great! How about reservation? Do I need advance booking? 

S:          [pauses] ... business is sort of slow nowadays ... so no need to book in advance .... 

J:          OOOKKK .... thanks! 

I am sure you can spot the concern I have in regards to basic communication skills. The use of words in both Chinese or English is of utmost importance not just in the F&B industry but in any situation or human interaction. One simple tip (personal tip of course) is to think before you speak and treat yourself as the person at the other end of the conversation. It is not that difficult is it?


Teena in Toronto said...

I bet their boss would like to hear that conversation!

Clarice said...

Really appreciate this post as I had so many similar experience like yours and one of them was notably the new Ritz Carlton where I received attitude from the bouncer when I was only asking about reservations... In general I think they all lack training and passion on what they do. sigh.

Jason said...

I think HK requires a proper culinary school!

Anonymous said...

Yikes... I read the above twice but seem to have still missed your point of concern. Excuse my dense head!

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