Sunday, August 21, 2011

Food Photography (Revisit)

Bites, Camera, action!

It was truly an honor to be interviewed along by SCMP's weekly Food & Wine section on the topic of food photography. It is quite true that with the advancement of technology, the use of digital cameras has been widely popularized over the last 2 years. More people capture their dishes before eating and it has become  more of a norm than trend nowadays. Diners and restaurants alike are more accustomed to such a scene with many welcoming such an act. There are two schools of thoughts on whether such "snap then bite" is an acceptable act but it is a topic of extended discussion, not what this article is about. (I am pro "snap then bite" of course!) This article, titled "Bites, camera, action" by Nan-Hin In is about tips on food photography. Professional photographers and subject experts (I am an enthusiasts at this stage!) provide useful tips on how to take better food photography on a daily basis, without any bulky gears of course. As mentioned by one of the experts, built-in camera flash is a no-no and in my opinion, flash photography in general should be minimized at restaurants especially if you are simply dining out on a regular / personal basis. Aside from the quality of the images, built-in / external flash photography would affect or disturb other diners at the restaurant. It is out of simple respect that food photography enthusiasts should restraint from doing so in most if not all circumstances. Solution? Visit during lunch time if natural sun light is available or upgrade your gears and/or lens!

I would like to take this opportunity to extend my thanks to Mochachocolata-Rita who skillfully persuaded me into buying my first digital SLR camera and her pictures sparked my interest in food photography. Another thank you goes to Fernando who inspired me in refining my skills as well as in developing a passion in photography, in capturing not just a single image but an image that tells a story.

If you are a SCMP subscriber, you can check out the article <here>

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Didn't know you were featured in SCMP. I should have read my own newspaper more often!

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