Sunday, June 26, 2011

Travel - Guam (Part 5/5)

View from Two Lover's Point (Guam)

Two Lover's Point is one of the key attractions in Guam located on a cliff-side overlooking both the Tumon Bay and Philippine Sea. Stunning view and on a quiet afternoon, the sound of the  crushing waves somewhat created a sense of peacefulness, filled the air with joy and ... love? The story or the legend of Two Lovers Point (Puntan Dos Amantes) goes something like this according to its website: "The lovers tied their long black hair into a single knot. And acting as if they were entirely alone, they looked deeply into each other's eyes and kissed for the final time. Then they leaped over the long, deep cliff into the roaring waters below." Is it just me or I find the idea a bit ... daunting or perhaps not so romantic? The idea of the knot and jumping off a cliff is not really a modern definition of romance right? Then again, during a different period, the ways to express true love differ quite significantly across different cultures, what we considered a common practice may not apply to two lovers across the pacific, we must respect each of their ways of cultural expression and most importantly is the fact that what's common among cultures is the underlying concept of love and affection between two lovers, that's universal in my opinion. (I may be a bit off topic here but the same theory applies to food such as soup which many cultures have it as part of their culinary history even when there were no contact between them across continents. What about the concept of spirits, ghosts?) In any case, Two Lover's Point in Guam represent true love and is worth a visit not just for the view but for what it represents.


Aside from the strong wind you will be experiencing here at Two Lovers Point, you will be confronted with a wall, literally a wall of tags and locks with various sort of wishes. I bet someone started it out just for fun and the concept just caught on like crazy with the shop there selling heart shaped combination locket for USD4.99!!!


You can basically put your locket or tag anywhere. Whether they will be taken off is a question you have to find out on your return visit perhaps? :) ... One of my favorite has to be this little bunny tag!

A Wishful Rabbit at Two Lover's Point (Guam)

Popular spots are those facing the sea, don't worry, you will figure it out what I mean when you see it for yourself! :)


I did mention about the stunning view right? Here is a shot of two tourists posing in front of the stunning sea view.

Say Cheese??

I mentioned about coconut sashimi in my previous post, you may call it whatever you want but it is a very popular street food / snack here in Guam. Maybe it is targeted for tourists but you will find street vendors selling it everywhere.


As you as you finished the coconut juice, the vendor will help cut up the coconut and get slice out the meat for you. Of course with a bit of soy sauce and wasabi as well!


Enough sightseeing if you ask me, it was time for some fun and exciting!!!! Time to sky dive!!! Alright, I have to admit, I did not sky dive myself because I had the task of taking pictures for some of them. Oh the sacrifice I made but next time I will try. :) The following picture is not a picture of the sky, look closer you those white spots were people jumping off the plane!! It was not an easy shot, I admire those who can take similar shots because it was hard, much to learn!


Of course it would be much more fun without an instructor at the back but that takes time to learn I suppose.

Flying High (Guam)

Was this a perfect land? hummm


With the sunglasses and gear on, the instructor looked quite serious yet professional of course ...


... but without the sunglasses, it was all smiles and laughters!


In addition to sky diving, Guam is also well known for sea diving as well. We visited JNS Divers for a short session on diving in Guam. Jeff and Shan-Shan even made us dumplings! I have many friends who are into diving but I am still trying to appreciate the sport, perhaps I am not a water person and perhaps I should try snorkeling first?


Can one actually dive during sunset? I reckon it would be quite nice right?


After a long day of activities, food was needed! At Fiesta Beach-side BBQ, right at the hotel where we stayed, it


Honestly, this is what I called BBQ! I was so excited to get the food and start cooking!


Oysters, checked! Prawns, checked!


More prawns please!


Spam, double checked!


They actually have some sort of show going on at the stage area during dinner but I was too occupied with my food, I can only snap one of the flame stuns right in front of us.


This marks to end of my Guam trip / blog. I would like to take this opportunity to extend my sincere thanks to the Guam Visitor Bureau (Hong Kong) for the invitation and wonderful arrangement. I had a great time! Guam is more than just the stunning view, it has a strong and vibrant cultures worth preserving along with traditional Chamorro cuisines! I will be back one day, I do miss the sun and heat, my tan is fading already! 


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