Thursday, June 16, 2011

Queen Margherita Pizza (Toronto)


Stepping into Queen Margherita Pizza (QMP) made me feel like stepping back in time for a moment with its name, its wooden door and the aged building exterior. However once I was greeted by a young, tall and stunning receptionist with such a welcoming smile, I know I am in for something ... different? The lower floor was quite cozy (aka small!) but a few steps up the tight and crackling staircase which can fit only one person and one way traffic, one will find a very large modern dining room filled with natural sunlight! Hello natural sunlight!!!


After blogging for 2 years or so, the first thing I scan for at a restaurant would be spot(s) with natural sunlight or at least some sort of lighting for my pictures. I am very reluctant in using flash in a restaurant because I really don't want to disturb other guests or at least try to minimize the inconvenience. Here at QMP, the menu was quite focused, all pizza, just pizza!


They also offer chalkboard specials which on this evening was a prix fixe menu consisting of a selection of starters, pizzas and dessert for CAD 25 per person. Not a bad deal!


With such a focused menu, it means pizza is the main draw here and one has to be prepared for a lot of carbs! I was quite surprised how they actually serve bread as well as if they want you to go crazy on carbs! Don't get me wrong, I love carbs! So bring on the bread! :)


We ordered two set menus to share among the three of us on this lovely evening. First came the Prosciutto Plate which was ... rather boring. If I require more than 30 secs to think of how the dish tasted, it means it was quite unexciting indeed.


I forgot he exact combination of the trio of crostini but we ordered it because of the word strawberries! Just the strawberries crostini was worth the gamble! I had the mushroom crostini which was surprisingly refreshing. The slice of cheese on top gave it the extra flavors which I enjoyed. I wish I had a small bite of the strawberry one but since the newlywed wanted to try, how I can not let them eat it while they smile at each other throughout the meal! (hello! I am here you know!)


Time for some pizza! Remember, like fried chickens, pizza is finger food so use your hand! We ordered the signature Margherita pizza which was simple yet utterly amazing if you ask me. Flavor of the tomato sauce was just right without overdoing it with overly pungent kick to your taste buds. Although from the look of it there were only a fit leaves of basil, there were plenty of it in terms of flavor which I simply loved! Crust was thin, although slightly moist in the center, it was right for me.


Folded in half, with a bit of the homemade chili sauce, enjoying pizza at its best!


The second pizza we had was the Quattro Formaggi. The only compliant I had was the amount of cheese! More please! Among the 4 cheeses they used, the Gorgonzola really gave the pizza a very unique character in terms of flavors. The Italian blue cheese is not for everyone but I am definitely a big fan!


Definitely a night full of carbs! We were all full after the pizzas but with Nutella Mousse as one of the dessert picks, my second stomach was calling for some! Depending how you like your Nutella mousse, you either hate or love the version being served it. Why? It was quite light in flavors! Bland was the second word of choice. Disappointing? Yes it was. Did I enjoy it? Sure, it was light and tiny that I thought I didn't have any dessert. (Dairy Queen / Froyo here I come!)



  • Atmosphere (hello natural sunlight!) and great smile from restaurant receptionist! 
  • Margherita pizza - there is a reason why this is a signature dish. Flavors were well balanced (of course crust was done well as well!) 

  • desserts, my Nutella Mousse could have been better, more satisfying!

Avg Spending: CAD 20 per person

Queen Margherita Pizza (Toronto)
1402 Queen St E,
Toronto, ON M4L
Tel: (416) 466-6555

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Joyce Lau said...

Natural sunlight! Watermelon salad with ricotta in a Canadian summer!
Stuck here in Hong Kong, I have to say I'm jealous. :)

Anonymous said...

The place looks great, unlike other pizza Perth places I've visited. Will have to try this out sometime.

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