Thursday, May 19, 2011

Whitehead Club - BBQ (Hong Kong)


A much overdue post on my first BBQ of 2011. Of course we are talking about HK style BBQ! It took place back in April on a very relaxed afternoon along the coast somewhere in Hong Kong. It is quite rare to find such a place in HK nowadays where a group of us can sit next to the coast, welcoming the cool breeze from the sea while getting the necessary warmth from the BBQ fire. It is hard not to admit that many in Hong Kong are quite spoiled in a sense, here at Whitehead Club, you only need to arrive with your wallet and the rest are being taken care off. There is no need to start the fire, no need to bring food or drinks because they have all that you need, just name it. (well almost everything.) To be honest, while convenient  such convenience makes the whole experience a bit boring, took out the so-called fun part when it comes to HK style BBQ. Therefore, to make things more interesting, we ordered an entire pig for roasting!

Many prefer the HK style BBQ over the so-called Western Char-Broil Grill because of the fun factor. I have to agree that cooking using the two pronged fork has it charm, a rather memorable experience indeed when we all sit around the fire and chit chat while awaits the food to be cooked slowly.


We would comment on each other's cooking and how non-professionally looking our food turned out to be. This post is not about anything but the little piggy! We rubbed the piggy with some sea salt as well for the sake of it! :)


Here is another shot of the little piggy we ordered.


If properly roasted over the fire, it should take around an hour and a half to fully cook the piggy with crispy golden skin but we obviously failed in doing so after 4 long hours of roasting! We thought we did a good job but when we asked one of the staff to help chop our piggy, the staff almost bursted into laughter because the little piggy was far from done!


We ended up letting the staff help us cook the whole piggy for another 30 mins with a dedicated and bigger fire just for the piggy! Farewell little piggy, it was nice knowing you and you did well! Yum!


Whitehead Club - BBQ
Ma On Shan, NT
Tel: 26319900


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