Friday, April 22, 2011

Thai Liang Zhi Thai Restaurant 泰娘子泰國餐廳 (Hong Kong)

Stir-fry Belachan Tung Choi

One thing I realized after my many meals since I started this food blog is the need to step out of the box named "laziness" when it comes to food and try not to surrender to the tempting words of "convenience." I have been a victim of such many times and I am trying to get rid of this bad habits of mine when it comes to a pleasant meal. I am not talking about spending the efforts or money to get myself a fancy meal, I am referring to all sorts of meals, cheap or expensive meals can be equally enjoyable or equally regretful. I had a chance to review a newly opened Thai Restaurant for Timeout Hong Kong and it was another great example of how not to be lazy when you are searching for a decent meal, travel the extra mile please, at least you can leave the restaurant filling slightly satisfied. Check out the review <here>

Thai Liang Zhi Thai Restaurant 泰娘子泰國餐廳 (Hong Kong)
Shop 2-3,
G/F, 4-4A Hillwood Rd, Jordan,
Tel: +852 2737 2330


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Chiang Mai apartments said...

The Thai food there is really authentic. Thanks.

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