Sunday, April 17, 2011

Lau Sum Kee's Noodles 劉森記麵家 (Hong Kong)


Apparently this noodle joint has quite a history behind it and I am ashamed it took me all this long to try their famed noodles. I am not a big fan of Chinese egg noodles because more often than not they contain strong alkaline flavor which I hate so much! However, the type of noodles they specialize here is the so-called Jook-sing noodles (竹昇) which somehow has very little alkaline flavor, was it my lucky day? Either they use very little or I was lucky? Anyhow, Jook-sing (竹昇) or bamboo noodles got its name because the dough is made / kneaded by riding on a bamboo log. I wish I had the chance to see how it is done.


To start with it was the sliced omasum (牛柏葉) with goose intestine. Taiwanese has a special terms to describe the texture, the word is QQ or what I like to refer to as firm to the bite. The sliced omasums were black because no bleaching was done, black is the original color of it. A light dip into the chili sauce made it a great appetizer.


The Chinese shrimp roe dry noodle (蝦子撈麵) was as good as I was informed. The fact that it had very little alkaline flavor to it added many points already. Shrimp roe flavor was rich but not as rich as the one I had in Macau (will post soon). Apparently you can order different sort of combination with the dry noodles, mix with wontons, beef briskets or whatever you fancy on the menu.


The wontons were pretty boring when compared with the noodles. In the other hand, I quite enjoyed the soup likely because it was not as strongly seasoned as many other places. By no means bad, just that I rather order another dish of Chinese shrimp roe dry noodle.


  • texture of noodles, firm to the bite (or QQ) without the alkaline flavors which I truly hate. 
  •  sliced omasum (牛柏葉) with goose intestine: I am a big fan of both items so perhaps slightly bias towards this dish. It was such a simple dish that 
  • quite a long queue all the time! 
  • boring wontons

Lau Sum Kee Noodle 劉森記麵家
Outlet 1 > G/F, 48 Kweilin Street, Sham Shui Po, KLN, Hong Kong
Outlet 2 > No 80, Fuk Wing Street , Sham Shui Po, KLN, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2386 3533



Tom said...

Now everyone has been here but me :(

Janice and Jen followed your review there whilst I was away. I have to try.

Jason said...

@Tom: What's taking you so long then??? quick quick!

montblanc boheme said...

with goose intestine: I am a big fan of both items so perhaps slightly bias towards this dish. It was such a simple dish that

Mr Noodles said...

Thanks for this great tip! Just arrived in HK today, and this was my first port of call. I had the prawn roe noodles with a bowl of cuttlefish balls & shui jiao on the side. All good, especially the noodles!

john@heneedsfood said...

I'll be in HK next week and am tossing up whether to try the shrimp roe noodles at this place or at Oja Sopa De Fita Cheung Kei. If it was one or the other what place would you honestly recommend? Is the menu in English as well at Lau Sum Kee's? Thanks in advance

Celine said...

Wow! Now, I'm craving for noodles.

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