Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Amazing Summer Surprises!

Quite a lot of surprises the past few weeks and I would like to share them with you very briefly.  It is no secret that I get invited to various events including tastings as well as restaurant openings. Really thankful for the opportunities. Recently I have been invited by magazine Fashion & Beauty, yes a fashion magazine, to attend the opening launch part for Sony's new water resistant smartphone Xperia arco S releasing early August.  Okay that's the first surprise to me because I got invited to this sort of event. Don't get me wrong because I won the lucky draw and won myself a brand new Sony Xperia arco S. HAHA a happy surprise indeed! Perhaps it is time to give Android OS a try?

Some say I have gained weight, I say I gained ALOT of weight to be exact! Thanks to the large amount of butter I like to consume nowadays. Oh that was suppose to be a compliment to butter! :) So what are the second surprise? For those who follow my Facebook, you may be seen a picture of me ... well, me with a slight makeover perhaps. It was a fun and quick costume makeover organized at the birthday party of Gentlemen's Tonic at Landmark. Thanks to them and the image, I have decide to get a circular glasses and soon you will see me with a new look! :)

As for the third surprise, it is sort of an announcement about the end of my tai tai lifestyle for the past year or so haha. I will soon work in the travel industry (starting September) so if you need to purchase air tickets or travel packages with hotel accommodations, do let me know and I will help arrange everything! More shameless promotion to come closer to September. In the meanwhile, start thinking where you would like to take a break for Christmas! Oh almost forgot, I will be traveling quite a bit this month as well so stay tuned or follow me on Twitter (@jasonbonvivant),  Instagram (@jasonbonvivant) and Facebook ( for live updates! :)

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