Monday, January 2, 2012

Flight Experience from Red Packet

When I was young, I thought about becoming a pilot, a commercial pilot to be exact. Yes, Maverick from Top Gun did contribute somewhat to my desire in becoming one but it was the love of flying that really interested me in wishing to become one. Obviously that dream was not realized, the closest I get to be a pilot was in front of a computer monitor playing Flight Simulator series of games. Finally after all these years, thanks to Red Packet Adrenaline experience package, I got the chance to try out an an actual size flight simulator at the Flight Experience located at MegaBox. There are many other options with the package but flight simulator topped my list because it is not an everyday activity one would attend.

The flight simulator by Flight Experience employs the entry level Boeing 737-800NG Simulator which is not equipped with any motion simulation. Flight Simulators are categorized by different grading and the higher the grading the more realistic it gets in terms of functionalities as well as scenarios. As a first timer, this entry level flight sim made me a happy boy already!

Instructor went through all the basics including flight details, configurations, aviation terminologies and controls in extreme details before we start. It was important to familiarize with the basics because with the sheer amount of buttons and acronyms on panels around me, I was speechless.

Apparently steering the plane on ground is simpler than expected but way more difficult than one can imagine. Not only does the pilot requires high degree of hand eye coordination, it requires excellent coordination of all limbs including leg and feet when steering plane on ground!

Alright, I ALMOST crashed the plane a few times during landing approach and triggered the stall alarm more than I care to count. (it was darn loud as well!!) This experience made me realize one important thing, it is not easy to be a pilot especially commercials pilot to manage such a big aircraft, knowing the zillion buttons / dials in the cockpit while providing a comfortable and safe journey for hundreds of passengers sitting at the back. Maybe it is a good thing my dream of becoming a commercial pilot did not realize for the good of the general public. Oh, then again, maybe I can still be a fighter pilot? :) Thanks again to Red Packet for the amazing experience! (side note: I think if you plan to buy a packet as gift for your male friends, don't just get them adrenaline related, think outside the box and get them something pampering like a spa! Guys like that too!!)


Daisy@Nevertoosweet said...

Lol we have a similar thing like Red Packet in Melb called Red Balloon :)

missveraaaaa said...

just dropping by to say hi !

keep bloggin' :)

Mr.Filbert. Hutchison said...

Thank you for sharing this, I've always wanted to try that.
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Anonymous said...

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It looks very amazing for me and to be honest I've never seen a pilot's cockpit in a Boeing 737-800NG.

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Max Victor said...

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