Thursday, November 17, 2011

TABLE FOR TWO (Hong Kong Chapter)

It is not often that I talk about charity or charitable organization on my blog but recently I came across one that somewhat inspired me and made me devote this entire post on it. As a disclaimer, I am not officially being endorsed by this organization, it is just an upcoming charitable organization in Hong Kong which I came across and feel strongly that its objectives & missions are very relevant and quite important within the foodie community in Hong Kong and around the world as well. This charitable organization is called TABLE FOR TWO (TFT).

TABLE FOR TWO is a charitable organization originally originated from Japan with "a mission to address global food imbalance. With rising obesity levels and health problems in developed countries, and malnutrition in developing countries, [TFT's] mission is to simultaneously address these two opposing problems with a simple meal.

So how exactly does it work? Quoting from its website / materials: TFT partner with restaurants, corporate cafeterias, universities, to help create healthy (nutritionally balanced) TFT-branded meals. When a consumer chooses a TFT branded food item (or menu), approximately HKD2 is added to the price of the meal and is donated to feed a child a school meal in Africa and China. With international operations in the US, UK, Switzerland, India, Taiwan, South Korea, Italy and soon Hong Kong, TFT has sold over 10.1 million meals globally according to its website.

By providing a specially designed low calorie & nutritionally balanced meal, TFT wants diner to:

  1. feel good and positive when they select a TABLE FOR TWO meal 
  2. feel personally more aware, connected and engaged with global food imbalance 
  3. feel part of a larger dining community in Hong Kong that eat well and give back

TABLE FOR TWO Hong Kong chapter is launching officially on the 25 November 2011 and according to them, more new participating restaurants will be added to the list very soon so please stay informed by joining one of the following digital media channels and watch out for those TFT-menus!

Twitter: @tft_hk 

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