Friday, October 21, 2011

Antique Patisserie (Hong Kong)


I am not lazy, I am just busy recently sorting out different projects I am "trying" to work on plus I am about to move to another flat thanks to the rapidly increasing rent in Hong Kong! In about 3 weeks or so, I promise I will start cooking / baking / sharing more! Just in time for some XMAS treats perhaps? I do want to talk more about my long awaited return to Antique Patisserie since they moved location a while ago but for now I will share my recent Afternoon Tea experience in the form of images. I went there early that afternoon (or perhaps morning?) intentionally so I can take advantage of the natural sunlight and minimize disruption to other guests while I play with my food and doing my funny poses from taking images from all imaginable perspectives! (P.S. - make sure you BOOK before you go, so PLAN AHEAD!)


I like coming here for afternoon tea or simply taking pictures because of the wonderful background which fits the theme perfectly! No need to bring extra props, everything you need will be there waiting for you! They recently came out with several new flavors for their famous Macarons, do give them a try  on your visit. Another thing worth noting is that they now uses & sells THEODOR Tea from Paris. Quite a large selection of tea I have to say and surprised to find out that you can now place your order for many items including the tea online at .


anyhow, below is the slide show for the images I took on my recent visit to Antique Patisserie. Please enjoy! A picture is worth a thousand words right? :)

Antique Patisserie
G/F, Shop C, 2 Mee Lun Street, Central
Tel: +852 2542 2816



Anonymous said...

The high tea looks pretty good. Are there any other quaint places in HK that do a delicious high tea? I've read that there is a Chocolate Library at the Ritz but haven't come across many testimonials.

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