Saturday, September 10, 2011

Just another story ...


I came across an online story recently, written by J for Jerk. His blog is written Chinese but the untitled  story was interesting enough that I have decided to spend some time to translate it into English for sharing.   The story is about a teenager and his life experiences which many of us can relate to in some ways. It is (or was) quite relevant to many of us or perhaps all of us who have been through the teenage years.

English version (translated by Jason based on the story by J for Jerk)
He is typical student studying at a community high school. A favorite pass time among neighboring friends is soccer at the nearby field. It has become a routine for the usual gang to go for a cup of ice cold slurpee after game at the nearby 7-11 convenience store.
One afternoon while enjoying his post-game slurpee, he saw a lady passed by carrying several heavy shopping bags. He wanted to approach the lady and help her with the heavy bags but doing such an act in front of his friends and schoolmates did not seem to be a smart or cool act so he decided to return to his slurpee as if nothing happend. The lady slowly marched on with the heavy shopping bags over her shoulders. 
By night, he dined with his family as usual but this time he noticed a rather huge yet weird looking steamed fish on the table so he asked his mom, "Mom, what sort of fish is this?" His mom replied, "this is the Garoupa you saw me carrying earlier this afternoon ... ... " 
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Original Chinese version written by J for Jerk (link:
佢係一個中學生, 就讀屋村學校,
踢完波, 成班同學就例牌去些粉買杯思樂冰打躉,
打躉期間, 佢見到一個師奶, 拎住幾袋重野行過,
是故, 佢別個臉抓抓頭, 走入些粉飲多一杯.
晚上, 佢如常同屋企人晚飯,
見到檯上有一尾奇撚怪怪的魚, 就問阿媽
"阿媽, 呢條咩野黎架?"

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Razlan said...

I saw a young chap helping out a blind man at a MTR station yesterday, in front of a group of his friends (I think they are all on some orientation camp thingy). What ashamed me was that the blind man was right in front of me, but for many reasons I was too dumbfounded not knowing what to do.

Your story (or rather, J's) struck a chord in me. A good deed is a good deed. There is nothing uncool about it. I will do better next time.

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