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Gold by Harlan Goldstein ~ Revisited (Hong Kong)

Hokkadio Sea Scallop Carpaccio

I blogged about my lunch at Gold by Harlan Goldstein a long while ago and as promised I returned for dinner in celebration of H's birthday. How was the experience? I would definitely return because the food / menu was ... familiar in comparison with that of Tuscany by H under Harlan's management before his current venture into Gold by Harlan Goldstein. Oh by the way, service has improved especially with the pacing in between dishes. The few of us went a bit far with our limits by ordering two starters each followed by the main course and desserts of course!

I started with the Crispy Oysters which was ... beyond words if you ask me. Alright, let's be honest, it was beyond my expectation in terms of texture and flavors with thin batter and creamy oysters together with hints of spiciness to the sauce on top and hiding inside the shell. Make sure you scoop empty the shell after each mouthful because of the balsamic vinegar hiding inside sort of cleanse your palette. Great marriage of flavors and texture indeed. Thumbs up!

Crispy Oysters

I had a small bite of the Foie Gras with Green Apple Ice and black Fig Jus and it was ... fair I guess. The the black fig jus was quite rich and gave me a little stronger than expected punch to my taste buds.

Foie Gras with Green Apple Ice and black Fig Jus

My second starter was the Hokkaido Sea Scallop Carpaccio with a slow-cooked egg and white truffle dressing. I think the picture speaks for itself as to how I enjoyed it right?

Hokkadio Sea Scallop Carpaccio

The yellow yolk from the slow cooked egg flowed right out with just a slight touch and it cover the scallops entirely making each mouthful a very smooth experience!

Hokkadio Sea Scallop Carpaccio

G had the Lobster Spaghetti while S had the Lobster linguine. You can check her review on this at her Slurp! blog.

Lobster Spaghetti

The Wagyu Beef Cheek Ravioli ordered by H was alright with sauce quite rich and the fillings which tasted more like minced burger meat. By no means bad just that the sauce overpowered the flavors of the fillings.

Wagyu Beef Cheek Ravioli

My main looked quite light from the picture thanks to the amount of greens, but it was actually the famed Tuscany Veal Chop which Harlan brought back from Tuscany by H. With just the right thickness of the golden crust you get the right balance of crunchiness and tender meat on every bite. It might not be very obvious but it takes quite an effort to pound the piece of veal to this consistence thickness. What I would improve on this would be the seasoning because it seems a bit weak in my opinion.

Tuscany Veal Chop

Before we roll out our cake, I ordered my long awaited frozen yogurt. Yes, they have froyo here and you can even spike it up with rum if you like. I did not feel like spiking it up so I added tiny marshmallow, raisins and of course Maltese!!! Not as tangy as expected, the froyo tasted very ice creamy but since it is not common to have froyo in a resto like this, I give them credit for offering!

Frozen Yogurt

For wine lovers, the wine list is quite extensive and if you flip to the end, you will have plenty of options if you feel like spending 5+ digits on a bottle of wine. No thank you for me. 

  • Crispy Oysters - great play with both textures and flavors with crunchy crust and creamy oysters together with a mix of vinegary and spicy flavors. 
  • Tuscany Veal Chop - great combination of texture, great golden crust as well. 
  • Hokkaido Sea Scallop Carpaccio with a slow-cooked egg and white truffle dressing - the liquid yellow yolk made the already smooth and fresh scallops even more silk smooth on every bite. 
  • Tuscany Veal Chop - slightly under-seasoned 
  • Wagyu Beef Cheek Ravioli - overpowering sauce
Avg Spending: HKD 500+ per person 

Gold by Harlan Goldstein (Hong Kong)
Level 2 LKF Tower, 33 Wyndham Street,
Lan Kwai FongCentral, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2869 9986

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Unknown said...

I can't stop drooling at the Hokkaido Sea Scallop Carpaccio with a slow-cooked egg and white truffle dressing - fantastic photo!

Jason said...

It is truly hard not to dig in immediately! :)

Melody Fury // said...

The Carpaccio looks amazing! I find it amusing that there was self-served froyo at the end. Cute twist :)

Jason said...

@Melody: haha ... it was actually not self served, they charge HKD80 for that froyo! HAHA

Jason said...

cheeky agnel: thanks! I really enjoyed that dish!!! :)

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