Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Riquiqui Dessert Bar ~ Revisit - (Hong Kong)

Warm Amarula Cake with Sour Cream Ice Cream

It is no secret that I quite enjoy going to Riquiqui for desserts for various reasons. One being how it was all desserts, 3-course desserts meal to be exact. I covered it on this blog a while ago and I am blogging about it again because the menu changes every now and then, a very good reason for me to revisit. Alright, just yet another excuse to return but I can't blame myself for having a desserts craving ... every other day right? As I mentioned, guys can have a thing for desserts, just that not all would like to admit in most cases I presume. I am not afraid to admit my love for sweets ... and how my 3rd stomach is always on standby for desserts!

This visit to Riquiqui was accompanied by Minh of eatshowandtell.com and it was quite a while ago. When it comes to desserts, time really does not matter right? I once heard that when one has craving for certain item (ie: carrots), one is having a deficient in that (ie: Vitamin A) and the body is signaling our mind to have more of that to fix the imbalance. If that is truly the case (scientifically speaking), my constant craving for sweets and froyo means I am in lack of glucose? Ah well ... no complaints here! :)

We started the dessert meal with some wine. Take my word for it, this 2009 Elephant Island Black Currant Wine tasted just like Ribena!!! By no means bad, just ... amazed how similar the taste / flavor / aroma was. Cheers!

Juice or Wine?

The amuse bouche was this coco pops inspired mousse which was mildly sweet, perfect to start the indulgence as part of the warm up without making you roll your eyes early on.


Another reason I like Riquiqui is how the setting allow me to watch Amanda, the pastry chef, work on my desserts while I sip through my wine. Here she was preparing my Crispy Banana Cream Pie!!


The Crispy Banana Cream Pie sat on a thin layer of banana cake and with every bite and spoonful you can taste the rather rich flavors of banana. The cream would coat your taste buds entirely while you close your eyes and imagine yourself sitting under a banana tree, under the shades of its huge leaves, overlooking the endless horizon of the sea, listening to the music of the waves while eating your desserts. The combination of textures was just exciting to me, crisp yet mushy. Alright, I overdid it ... didn't I? haha ... bottom line was I enjoyed it a lot.

Crispy Banana Cream Pie

I can't help it but to try to be as descriptive (and metaphorically speaking) as possible after reading the following passage from Anthony Bourdain's recent release "Medium Raw: A Bloody Valentine to the World of Food and the People Who Cook."

"But writing about sights and sounds and flavors that might otherwise be described as orgiastic = and doing it in a way that is calculated to inspire purient interest, lust, and envy in others ... that raises more questions in my mind as to ... I don't know ... the moral dimension.  
Sitting here, choosing words, letter by letter, on the keyboard with the explicit intention of telling you about something I did or something I ate and making you as hungry and miserable as I can - surely that's wrong. 
But fxck it. 
Who doesn't like a good wank now and then?" 

Yeah so the Warm Amarula Cake with Sour Cream Ice Cream was a rather strange yet pleasant encounter with both warm and cold sensation together with rich flavors! Dig in before the ice cream melt! Quite sweet so perhaps not for everyone.

Warm Amarula Cake with Sour Cream Ice Cream

The contrast in textures as well as temperature made this Warm Apple Crumble an interesting dessert. Flavors were not as rich as the other two we ordered and it carried hint of citrus flavor, normal for this dessert. I still prefer the Crispy Banana Cream Pie! :)

Warm Apple Crumble

  • Crispy Banana Cream Pie - well, I liked it and almost made me roll up my eyes. Perhaps just me. 
  • Warm Amarula Cake with Sour Cream Ice Cream - Some would roll up their eyes for this dish but not for me, but rather the marriage of cold and warm as well as rich flavors made it quite complex in a good way. 
Avg Spending: HKD 200 - 300 per person

Riquiqui Dessert Bar
2/F, 12 Wellington St, Lan Kwai Fong, Central,
Tel: +852 2868 3302



Miss Fong said...

Wow, Jason you are officially sabotaging my dieting plans, lol...I can't wait to get my hands on that apple crumble!

Andrea said...

Hey Jason! I keep checking your blog (it's addictive)- and actually met someone tonight at Riquiqui who knows you (first the online you and then the actual you)- and then here I am at home and Riquiqui is on your blog! Coincidence much! Anyways, I was looking forward to catching up with you but Amanda mentioned something came up. Hope all is well!

Jason said...

@Miss Fong: I am so sorry haha ... if it makes you feel better, I don't mind sharing HAHA

@Andrea: addictive? are you sure? HAHA ... thanks for dropping by, things are alright but was a bit busy early this week! :)

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