Monday, January 31, 2011

New Tsiu Wah Bistro 新翠華小廚 (Hong Kong)


The dinner gathering was fun and full of laughters, and I got to meet many new friends as well ... yet that was key parts I recalled, at least the pleasant enough parts worth my memory slot. It was known for its hot claypot rice items with over 90% of the items served in hot claypots. If you are looking for an alternative, a more comfortable setting to have your hot claypot rice, this maybe your choice because there a many other dodge places which may or may not have great offerings. Located right next to the famous Tung Po inside the cooked food center above North Point Wet Market, do expect a fairly ventilated space but please be careful of wet floors, wait staff charging back and forth with arm's length of dishes yelling their way through the narrow spacing between tables and staff with attitude a little too friendly on first encounter. Then again, that's the charming aspect of such restaurants right? You be your own judge ...


Since claypot rice takes a little while to prepare / cook, we ordered a whole Chinese wine marinated chicken hot pot to start off with. It was a rather chilling evening so some sort of live flame do help! The raw marinated chicken wasn't pretty to look at but as soon as they were cooked, that was another story! Quite flavorful due to the marination and the simplest way to eat them as well.


The salty egg meat loaf claypot rice arrived soon after while the chicken was still simmering in the stocking. Maybe it was my taste bud but I could not taste any sort of saltiness from the egg sitting on top. It turned out I wasn't the only one having that weird sensation from the so-called salty egg, it was indeed tasteless ... was an ordinary egg? or was it some sort of special light, sodium free salty egg? What about the rice? We were told to wait 2 minutes before lifting the cover so the soy sauce can be absorbed fully into the rice for its flavors perhaps. However, it did not do much to the rice or flavors in my opinion. The rice was too moist, even the part without the soy sauce! One of the key elements for a good claypot rice is to have a fairly dry texture to the rice. Many like how the rice would dry up and stick to the inside of the pot, creating a very dry and crunchy rice layer, like a thin layer of rice cake. However, key is to have as little moisture as possible! They certainly failed in this aspect.


The lamb as well as minced beef with egg had the same problem with the rice.


Sigh ... the rest, even the preserved duck and sausages claypot rice have the same problem with the overly moist rice. Did they set the timer incorrectly????


  • The Chinese wine marinated Chicken hot pot. 
  • Rice was overly moist and not enough "crunchy rice layers" reminded at the end. 
Avg Spending: Around HKD 100 per person

New Tsiu Wah Bistro 新翠華小廚 (Hong Kong)
Shop GF4,
2/F Java Road Municipal Services Building, North Point
Tel: + 852 9661 1015

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