Thursday, November 4, 2010

Vitasoy Soybean Drink


Wandering around the supermarket late at night, I spotted this special set of Vitasoy soybean drink. The special design captured my attention to a point that I bought  2 half-a-dozen packages so I can collect all 4 designs! The drawings or theme focus on 4 aspects our lives (only partly of course), namely Working Moments, Happy Moments, Studying Moments and Loving Moments ... oh wait, what happened to Eating Moments??? That is a very important part of our lives! Are there more Moments I wonder, maybe there are more to this set???

I smiled when I looked at the drawings because not only are they funny in illustrating moments like 'slacking off' at work, '3:15pm afternoon tea' at work or 'chit chatting' in classes, they are true to a degree! :) These drawings bring back memories as well, childhood memories, childhood and teenage moments. I used to draw pictures like those above during boring classes or during self-study sessions. Of course napping and chit-chatting were part of the fun during lectures. How I miss those moments!

All these sudden feelings reminds me of a classic Vitasoy TV Commercial (1988 - 1989) with the song titled 童年現在 一般可愛 (Childhood to Present, Equally Cute). I am not saying I am cute after all these years, I am simply saying Childhood to Present, all the memories and moments are precious and cute, definitely worth remembering. Moments are to be treasured and Love is to shared! (Just like food!)

English version of the TV Commercial


Amy said...

Those are some cute carton designs! Too bad, don't think I can find any in LA. :) Love that old commercial, of course, because my handsome brother-in-law was featured in that commercial! LOL

Carmen said...

Jason, thank you for your post. This is their new collection. I bought their 70th Anniversary collection.

Razlan said...

They seem to be launching an emotional series after an emotional series. The packaging got me confused by which is low sugar, which is not poison etc as the design don't really cater to non-Chinese readers.

Jason said...

@Amy: handsome? humm ... yeah, you mean the kid in the clip right? back then? HAHA ... Again, memories are to be treasurds! hahahahahaha .... okay I am being mean here :)

@Carmen: yeah! I am sure Toronto will have it soon! :)

@Razlan: I do agree with you on this one! I think it is time we real the price labels to be certain! :)

Anonymous said...

I always keep some Vitasoy in my fridge- love that stuff!!

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