Monday, October 18, 2010

Leong’s Legends Continues (London)


Quite a number of foodies (both visitors and local London foodies) have visited this little joint within Chinatown London. I think it is unfair to compared this place with those I had in Shanghai or even Hong Kong because there are simply not that many to compare with in London that serve similar Chinese regional cuisines. So here at Leong’s Legends Continues (London), you can find plenty options of noodles, Xiao Long Bao (XLB) as well as other popular Taiwanese dishes. It is likely a shop opened by Taiwanese if you ask me. The decor is very nice! I mean wooden tables and chairs with a touch of ... class in a sense. Nothing overly fancy of course just that it really made me feel I was a warrior sitting in one of those huts back in the Tang Dynasty waiting for my meal before heading off to fight the bad guys. Alright, enough day dreaming ....


The Chicken Noodles with Sesame Oil was a bit disappointing. Flavor was alright thanks to the sesame oil, but the soup was very room temperature and the noodles were overly soft.


The Taiwan Spicy Beef Noodle was similar to that of the Chicken Noodle, flavorful yet overly soft noodles. The flavors were sort of complicated in this case because of the spiciness which overwhelmed the beef flavors in my opinion. The beef was fair but unexciting. Nonetheless it was something heart warming after a couple of days of Western meals. I really don't mind having Western meals 30 days in a row, but once in a while you do want to eat something familiar, something familiar to my taste bud in terms of heritage.


The steamed vegetables dumplings were surprisingly alright, simple use of ingredients yet flavorful when mixed together. At least the dumplings were hot, straight out from the steamer!


The XLBs were hot, right out from the steamer but look at the overall construction of it ... the tip of the dumpling was as thick as those eraser tip on my wooden pencil! By that I mean more than it being thick, it was as chewy and plastic as well! (not that I ever enjoy chewing those eraser tip!)


  • Wonderful decor, made me feel like I was travelling back in time! 
  • XLB, overly thick and doughy tip! 
  • Very soft noodles
  • Soup not hot enough, just a little bit over room temperature
Avg Spending: GBP 15 per person

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Leong’s Legends Continues (London)
26-27 Lisle StreetLeicester Square, WC2H 7
+44 (020) 7734 3380


Mzungu said...

The decor is kinda funky, but being over used ot much I think now in London. But things are moving on a bit.
Leong's is part of a chain and I have yet to sample them, but I believe the menus are the same.

Anonymous said...

I agree with your comments on the food. It's a bit more special among the establishments offering typical Cantonese cuisine and £5.99 All-you-can-eat Buffet. But the service at Leong's Legend is atrocious. Not a smile or friendly gesture in sight. They are lucky their dumplings are up to scratch, otherwise I'd be hard pressed to go again.

Jason said...

@Mzungu: I think they are now part of a chain establishment, opening in various locations across town. Something different in terms of cuisines but they need to make sure quality is consistence in my opinion.

@Anonymous: haha ... good point, food arrived almost all at once and never really saw the waitress through the meal. Maybe it was due to our table being the one and only one on the ground floor. I guess that's not an excuse anyhow! haha

Mr Noodles said...

It's a bit of a mixed bag here and if you're visiting from HK, you're going to think it's a bit mediocre. When I came here, some of the food was good but some of it was shockingly bad but that's Chinese food in London!

Those XLB look poor and the sad thing is that Leong's are generally regarded to do the best XLB in London! Say no more.

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