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Travel - Singapore (April 2012) - Oasia Hotel


Situated just 2 MRT stations away from Orchard Station, Oasia Hotel @ Novena turned out to be much more convenient than I imagined. I stayed at the hotel over the Easter weekend in April and thanks for the generosity of the hotel, my accommodation was free of charge. While it was a big help to have free accommodation, the air tickets to Singapore seem to be climbing every quarter since a few years ago. There are over a dozen daily flights to Singapore operated by various airlines but never seems to be enough I suppose. Then again, Singapore, as mentioned previously, is an international financial center and is Hong Kong's closest yet most fierce competitor in terms of economic as well as policy development. I am bringing up this topic once again because the Oasia hotel is situated in the middle of the Novena district, a medical hub of Singapore serving not only the locals but as well as foreign visitors for various intentions. In other words, Singapore is investing as well as prompting the development of medical tourism. Hong Kong government once mentioned the idea of promoting medical tourism but like many other policies and initiatives, hardly anyone knows what happened to them. I will talk about this issue on a separate post, this one I will stick with the sharing of of my experience at the hotel.


Oasia Hotel opened late last year around November and the whole exterior as well as interior carried a very contemporary feel to it. It may seem like a business hotel by design, it can certainly be for leisure purposes as well with the various facilities and of course its location close to Orchard Road. Being in the center of the Novena district, Oasia Hotel is the only hotel surrounding the various medical facilities, which means for those wishing to stay during treatment or visiting can stay here and within walkable distance can reach to the different facilities. Even smarter is how the hotel transform the first few levels into medical services or so-called medial specialists center where "medical suites" (similar to what we call clinic) are in place.


There are 3 main types of rooms, with Superior and Deluxe occupying most of the floors up to 21/F. 22/F and above are Oasia Club Rooms (and of course the few Club Suites). The key difference between the normal and Club rooms are the exclusive usage of the club lounge, the Living Room on the 21/F where there is also a sky pool for Club level guest enjoyment


The 100 Club Rooms and 4 Club Suites are all designed by Super Potato with wood being the main theme. What I love about all their rooms is how the don't use carpet! Carpets to me are no longer the trendy thing for hotels because they get dirty quite fast and a main cause of allergies for people like me.
Most of the Superior and Deluxe rooms are filled with sunlight thanks to the large windows. All blinds are electronically controlled, wonderful for lazy individuals like myself! Oh by the way, don't be surprised on the different configurations of the rooms on the same level and/or the next room. That's their creative styles!

The following are Superior / Deluxe Rooms: IMG_9965IMG_9969IMG_9967IMG_9961IMG_9959IMG_9960 

 The following are Club level rooms designed by Super Potato: IMG_0033IMG_0037IMG_0040 

 Being a business / leisure hotel, there is a gym as well as plenty of conference rooms as well for guests.



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